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Cartwheels Co-Owner Meredith Metzmeier.

Stationery Tips from Cartwheels Paper & Gifts

By Mattie Townson

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Finding the perfect stationery for your big day can be difficult. You want to find the style that fits the character of your wedding, but how do you choose the right color, print, shape, etc.? To help make this process a little less daunting, The Voice asked Meredith Metzmeier, who owns Cartwheels along with her mother Kathy Lintner, about the latest trends in wedding stationery and what factors should play into the decision.


Make sure to choose a card that embodies the theme and style of your wedding. “Wedding invitations set the tone for the entire event,” Metzmeier said.


When choosing wedding invitations, always sample the cards in person. It’s important to touch the paper and see the colors to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. One current trend is using metallic typography, whether that be gold, silver or rose gold foil. The best way to determine whether or not this style works with your style is to check out the cards in person, ensuring that you receive the perfect stationery. 


Create a budget before you begin shopping. With a price in mind, stores like Cartwheels will work with you on finding the right stationery for you. “At Cartwheels, we have suites for every bride and budget,” Metzmeier added.


“Choose something you love,” Metzmeier said. “Don’t settle for something you just like.”


Think ahead. Meredith suggests that you select your invitations three to four months prior to your wedding day to ensure that they arrive on time so you can begin addressing and assembling them to send out to guests.


Though the selection process can be overwhelming, it’s important to enjoy every step. Find a card that fits you and your style, and from there, everything will fall into place. “There are no rules regarding wedding invitations and stationery,” Metzmeier said. “Gone are the days of everyone’s invitations looking exactly the same. Couples want their suite to represent who they are, which makes the process fun for everyone involved.” V

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