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By Wes Kerrick  |  Business Profile

Some people might think working on heating and air conditioning systems is for people who don’t like dealing with people. But Gary Lancaster and Rob Lopez are proof positive to the contrary.

For them, everything revolves around relationships. And they can’t hold back their pride and enthusiasm when they talk about the company they work for.

It’s a company with a philosophy that says there’s nothing more important than taking care of people. Understanding complex systems and installing and fixing them is the means to that end.

With corporate offices at 2716 Grassland Drive in Louisville, KCC Service provides both residential and commercial HVAC design, installation and service.

“I might not remember your name, but I’ll remember your face,” says Lopez, one of the service technicians. “I’ll remember your house, I’ll remember what type of equipment you have. And as soon as I pull up, all the memories come back up and I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, we talked about this.’ It’s all about building relationships and keeping people happy.”

KCC’s technicians visit about 100 homes per week and, during busy periods, as many as 150. They arrive at their customers’ homes prepared to tackle “anything to do with indoor air,” as Lancaster, the service manager, puts it.

“When these guys walk in,” he says, “their main objective is not, ‘How much money can we get?’ or anything like that. It’s, ‘What can we do to make this work?’ or, ‘What can we do to make this right?’ or, ‘How can we take care of this customer?’”

Heating and air conditioning systems can go kaput at any time of day or night, of course, sometimes putting people’s health in serious danger. So KCC keeps technicians on call to respond posthaste, regardless of the hour or the weather.

After-hours calls go initially to an answering service. Once you leave your information with the answering service, you’ll receive a call from a technician within 30 minutes.

“I get in the truck, and I go,” says Lopez. “It doesn’t matter if there’s six inches of snow on the ground or it’s bright and sunny out. Three o’clock in the morning, five o’clock in the morning – it doesn’t matter.”

When possible, technicians walk customers through a resolution to their HVAC problem over the phone, which saves the technician time and saves the customer money. There’s no charge for assistance over the phone.

“Our job,” says Lancaster, “is to try to get our customers comfortable.”

In addition to solving their problems, they educate their customers as much as possible about the systems that cool and warm their homes. They know they’ve done their job right when they’ve won their customers’ trust.

“My whole belief system – this works for me, anyway – is that I take care of the client first, I take care of my company second, and then I worry about myself,” Lopez affirms.

There’s something about keeping customers comfortable that he and Lancaster just can’t get enough of.

“I like what I do,” says Lancaster, who’s been with KCC for nearly 23 years. “I have a ball. I enjoy it.”

Lopez joined KCC in April 2015, only about a month after moving to Kentucky.

“I’ve been here with them ever since,” he says, “and love them all to death. And I don’t see myself going anywhere in the future other than KCC.”

Founded in 1977, KCC previously went by the name of Kentuckiana Comfort Center. The company serves the entire Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana area, and also provides commercial services throughout the Greater Lexington area.

“Al Fiorini, when he started this business here, he’s always been a customer-oriented person,” Lancaster says. “He said, ‘You take care of the customers, we’re going to be fine.’ And that’s how we still look at it.” VT

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