Sustainable Steals at Sassy Fox

Grey Joie sweater, Missoni glitter skirt, Steve Madden thigh boot, vintage Christian Dior fur. All available at Sassy Fox Upscale Consignment.

Story Graham Pilotte

Photo by Jessica Budnick

Fast fashion brands may be great for a last-minute outfit, but many shoppers are turning towards solutions that are more environmentally conscious. This winter, consider looking for ways to make purchases that last by shopping at local consignment stores like Sassy Fox. 

“We’re an upscale ladies’ consignment store, focusing mainly on designer and name-brand clothes and accessories,” explains Jessica Moreland, owner of Sassy Fox. “We keep things very current: less than three years old, and in perfect condition. We try to be very picky about what we take in for our customers. It’s not a thrift store—we do the digging for you, and everything is up-to-date.”

Moreland works hard to keep Sassy Fox’s inventory relevant. “We’re not one of the stores that buys items outright,” she explains. “People bring things in on a consignment basis, and we look through your items and do the pricing. Once the item sells, the consigner gets part of the sale price.” This method ensures that items are high-quality, and that the consigners receive a fair price for their items. “The pricing benefits us both,” Moreland explains.

Sassy Fox is a true family business and close to Moreland’s heart. “My mom started the first Sassy Fox in Lexington, and she’s been there for 25 years,” Moreland says. “I worked for her in high school and college. When I moved to Louisville after college, I eventually decided to open my own Sassy Fox.” With both education and experience under her belt, Moreland felt ready for the challenge of opening her own store. “It was always something I thought about doing, and the timing was right,” she says.

“I’d always really loved the Chenoweth Lane area, and when my place came up for rent, I decided to make the jump,” she continues. “It was a big leap of faith. I was really lucky to have my mother to talk to, to ask questions or bounce around ideas. The first couple years of starting a new business are definitely not for the faint of heart.”

Now that Sassy Fox is firmly established in Louisville, Moreland has annual traditions to celebrate. “We have our end-of-season sale coming up,” she says. “Starting the day after Christmas, we start marking everything down from 25 percent to 75 percent off. Consignment prices are already great, so when we add that extra discount you can get some really great bargains.” She knows her customers are already looking forward to the sale. “Everybody is really excited to come and get bargains,” Moreland says with a laugh. “Some people get in only a few times a year, and they love to be here during the sale. What’s great is that it’s all one-of-a-kind; it’s not all the same stuff on sale, and there’s so much diversity in what we have.”

Moreland loves operating Sassy Fox in the Louisville community. “We’re lucky to have a great boutique culture here in Louisville with cutting-edge labels and fashion,” she says. “I love seeing what different people pick out, and seeing their style. Louisville is great too for supporting independent business, and especially during the holiday buying, season people love to shop local. For me, the best advertising is satisfied customers. We want to be a place you want to go.” If it’s a unique fashion item on your list, take a look at Sassy Fox’s sustainable, unique collection, and add a little spice to your winter wardrobe. VT