Sunny Daize Sells the Real Thing

TVT_5084 2If there is one thing that Sunny Daize is known for – it’s having some of – if not the best high-end consignment in the city. But outside of clothes, the renowned boutique has sought to build up its reputation even further by stocking more designer handbags. And for co-owner Chrissie Richardson the biggest challenge, when it comes to selling designer bags, is spotting the fakes from the real thing, especially as the fakes have become so difficult to spot.

“I was in Shanghai a few years ago and they have the best knock-offs of anything,” explains Richardson. “I’ve been to other consignment stores in other cities and they are selling knock-offs. And I ask them how they are getting away with it, and they say ‘Well everybody does it.’ But I could not sell someone a $1000 fake. It’s not right.”

Aside from the illegality and immorality of such a transaction, another hurdle is being able to spot the fakes. In the case of Sunny Daize, they have an expert in-house whose job it is to locate the forgeries.

“She’s a pro,” exclaims Richardson. “She’s been doing it on Ebay for 20 years and hence that’s her niche.”

Because Sunny Daize is consignment, there will be customers who want to sell a designer bag – perhaps making room for a new addition. One tip Richardson has is to keep all receipts in a small pocket in the bag. That way, the receipt shows proof of purchase and often proof of authenticity.

“In terms of our bags, I pay an authenticator to come in to make sure it’s real. We do that before we put any bag on our shelves. Shoes too, though, we’ve found fake Louboutins and Chanel.”

Fake or not, the reason why Sunny Daize goes to such great lengths is because handbags have had such an enduring appeal.

“I had a lady who bought a Louis Vuitton bag and took an hour to decide,” adds Richardson. “She wanted to carry it, look at it. Bags are very personal and it’s an investment.”

And right now trends have been leaning towards the traditional.

“You look at something like a Hermes birkin bag,” explains Richardson. “And people really like that shape bag. People really like the Louis Vuitton monogrammed bags, really traditional. But some people like bags where you can’t tell what label it is, and some people prefer that.”

Aside from the classic staples, Sunny Daize is also carrying  a new and forward thinking line from Kathryn Allen Couture, where clutch purses and bags come in a variety of new and exotic materials.

“We are getting into a line of exotic skin bags,” adds Richardson. “They are super high end, like crocodile, alligator, python, stingray. Stingray is fabulous. In fact the designer just got into Saks Fifth Avenue in Cincinnati with her line and just did a campaign with Mercedes.”

And that’s the enduring appeal of Sunny Daize – the ability to be one of the only places in Louisville to provide high-end merchandise, as most of those designers require a drive to.

“You can’t buy Chanel in Louisville, you have to go to Cincinnati,” concludes Richardson. “I like getting things that you don’t have to travel to other cities to get. I just think it’s always fun to get something here that you can’t find anywhere else in Louisville. In fact 80 percent of my merchandise comes from other boutiques so you can do all your shopping right here in our store.” VT

Sunny Daize is located at 11809 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, Ky, 40243. For more information call 502.244.5580 or visit