Save Your Home by Saving Energy

By Graham Pilotte  |  Business Profile

If you’re looking for a way to save money and save the planet, you’ll want to take a look through this year’s Homearama. While we can’t stop your friends and family from leaving the fridge door ajar, we can definitely help manage your energy efficiency  with the guidance of Louisville Gas and Electric (LG&E).

“We’re proud to be longstanding partners with the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville and presenting sponsors of Homearama,” says Natasha Collins, director of media relations at LG&E and Kentucky Utilities. “Not only is Homearama a great opportunity for those in our community to think about energy and learn more about how they can be more efficient in using it, it’s also simply an enjoyable event.”

The annual home show, held this year in Poplar Woods, features a small neighborhood of fully furnished new homes. Homearama is the perfect place to spot new trends in architecture, landscaping, interior design and technology – visitors are looking for everything from a new home design to new appliances. Walking through the show gives guests a chance to see wide varieties of options. “As they make their way through, visitors will also see signage reminding them of some of the programs we offer to help support their energy-efficient efforts,” Collins explains. “For those building or remodeling, more efficient home construction and properly fitting, high-efficiency equipment over time can attribute to less energy use.”

Collins knows that many visitors are looking for opportunities to upgrade their home and save energy at the same time. “While we don’t endorse any specific product lines, the homes visitors tour at the event feature the latest in technology and design trends,” Collins notes. “For those keeping energy top-of-mind, it’s a great opportunity to get a look at some of the most current ENERGY STAR® certified appliances and get other tips, tricks and tools to help increase a home’s energy efficiency.”

Saving energy has many implications to your personal bottom line, and guests can feel good about both saving money in their budget and helping cut down on harmful emissions. “If area residents are inspired to make energy-efficient upgrades in their homes and they are customers of LG&E, we encourage them to take a look at our full portfolio of energy efficiency programs,” Collins says. “If they have any questions while at the venue, visitors can stop by our booth to learn more about our program – or visit our website or give us a call at their convenience.”

In addition to their booth, LG&E offers both on-site and online energy analyses for customers who are considering an upgrade. “For those who are interested in making changes but need some direction on where to begin, a great place to start is with our Home Energy Analysis program,” Collins asserts. The company’s certified energy analysts are happy to help suggest specific energy-saving tips, whether through an in-person visit or customized online suggestions.

LG&E has been deeply involved in the Louisville community for years and is proud to sponsor Homearama. “While much of our community support is dedicated to assisting our most vulnerable customers, our company also believes in supporting events and initiatives that enhance the environment and education, and generate economic development throughout the communities we serve,” Collins says. “Our employees enjoy getting out, pitching in and being involved in making a difference in the places where they live and work.”

LG&E is excited to be part of guests’ homes as well. “We encourage those visiting Homearama to really think about how they use energy in their home,” Collins continues, “and to think through how they might be able to use all of the resources available to them to help them be as energy-efficient in their home as possible and to enhance its overall comfort as well.” VT

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