Sassy Fox: On The Hunt For Style

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Jessica Moreland lives and breathes clothes. Perhaps that’s no surprise. Growing up with a mother who runs one of Lexington’s favorite consignment stores, Moreland spent her childhood surrounded by a plethora of outfits, jewelry and every other type of possible sartorial accoutrement. For the past eight years, Moreland has followed in her mother’s footsteps by opening and running one of Louisville’s own favorite stores: Sassy Fox, named aptly after her mother’s own establishment.

“I love clothes and have always loved them,” Moreland says. “So playing with clothes is pretty much the best job you can have I think. But I’m also environmentally conscious, so I like the recycling and upcycling aspect of consignment.”

The goal of Sassy Fox is simple: find the best used clothes in Louisville and sell them back to her vast and ever-growing base of loyal customers who crave the latest styles that Louisville has to offer, with the focus on designer brands.

Jessica Moreland.

Jessica Moreland.

In addition, unlike certain other consignment stores who buy clothes upfront from individuals, Moreland and her colleagues at Sassy Fox pay the customer once that item has been sold.

“With us, you end up getting more money if you do consignment,” she says. “If someone is buying outright, then they really have to lowball you to make sure that they’re going to turn a profit. The great thing about consignment with us is that it’s a portion of whatever we sell it for.”

The best part of coming to Sassy Fox is the fact that, according to Moreland, many of the outfits from some of Louisville’s hippest boutiques find their way eventually to her store. The reason? Most of those fashion lovers shop there in the first place.

“I would say most of our consignors are from the East End, St. Matthew and Indian Hills, as well as Prospect. At Sassy Fox, we look for current styles so we have to keep abreast of what’s on trend, but we also take into account more classic tailored looks; nothing that looks dated. We look for quality and nothing that looks used. Right now for example, orange is a color that’s very in. But equally, we’ll soon have lots of maxi dresses.”

If there’s one essential time to stop by Sassy Fox, Moreland is adamant it’s in the leadup to the Kentucky Derby. The plethora of designer handbags and dresses should be enough, but the abundance of hats is also a draw.

“Derby is insane,” Moreland says. “The months leading up to Derby are the best we have all year. The hats that we get in are spectacular. Tons of great dresses, and we usually have gorgeous jackets, which is great because Derby could be 30 degrees or it could be 90 degrees. So, we have a good mix.”

The key to Sassy Fox’s continued success, according to Moreland,  is the fact that any visitor to the Sassy Fox will find something they like, whether by themselves or through the help of herself and her staff.

“I would rather someone find what they’re looking for than just buy something from me,” Moreland says. “A lot of our customers know that if they try something on and ask us how they look we’re going to be honest and not simply say, ‘Hey, you look great!’ Just so they buy something.”

Sassy Fox is located at 150 Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, Ky. For more information, call 502.895.3711.

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  1. Deneesha

    i love Sassy Fox! I find all my “fancy” clothes there for derby, oaks, etc. jessica is so nice & all the employees will help you find what you need. it is hands down the best consignment shop in town.