Providing Calm During Chaos

When Bridget Kueber went through a divorce almost a decade ago, she also went through the usual range emotions: stress, heartache and a general feeling of being overwhelmed. In retrospect, she admits she let those emotions stop her from making the best decisions – or even making decisions at all.

Today, Kueber is one of the few divorce financial analysts in the city of Louisville. With a bachelor’s degree in accounting and an MBA from UofL, Kueber is now on a mission to provide people going through a divorce, or even contemplating it, a chance to sit down and listen to an objective and qualified voice. She can fully explain the financial implications of divorcing or not.

TVT_6173“I got divorced 7, 8 years ago, and I had a good idea of the finances of the household,” explains Kueber. “My ex-husband and I had businesses, and therefore, I had a good sense of the financial part of it. But when you’re going through it emotionally, you don’t always make the best decisions.”

Kueber says her service, which is primarily aimed at high net-worth couples, focuses on making decisions easier to come by, through looking at the facts and figures in an objective manner. It’s why she went back to school after her divorce. “I still wanted to help women go through what I had been through and make it easier for them,” she says.

Take, for example, something like a family home. In the case of divorce, is it something to keep or sell?

“Whether you decide to sell or keep the house, I can tell you the financial impact it will have,” explains Kueber. “Some people are not sure, and would like to know what kind of effect it may have on their lives.”

Whatever that advice may be, Kueber says some couples even decide against the divorce when presented with the facts. Those facts may come in extra handy in situations such as mediation or even court proceedings.

Even in rare situations in which the divorce goes to trial, Kueber can be brought in as an expert witness to explain the finances and their implications,  for either party involved.

“You don’t want to be there in mediation, and you don’t know how it’s going to affect you,” says Kueber, explaining that most of her clients are women who may be less aware of family finances, having spent years helping to raise a family. “I don’t necessarily advise clients; rather, I give them more information, so that they can make a more informed decision.”

“It is just such a difficult thing going through a divorce, and you’re just caught up in the emotions of it, and it’s hard to make good financial decisions. That’s where I come in. You can walk away from it and feel like you made better decisions and decisions that you can live with.” VT

For more information, call Kueber at 502.299.2732.