Preparing for the Primary

A Q&A with Jefferson County Clerk Bobbi Holsclaw

The Jefferson County Clerk’s Office recently announced the purchase of new election equipment for voters to use in the upcoming primary election, which will take place on May 22. To learn more about the equipment and what Louisvillians need to know before they head to the polls, we spoke with Jefferson County Clerk Bobbi Holsclaw.

Is it too late to register to vote in the primary election?

New registrations, address changes or name changes must be made no later than April 23, 2018 for the May 22, 2018 primary election.

What other information should voters be aware of before May 22?

The nearly 600,000 registered voters in Jefferson County will soon be casting their ballots on new and improved federally-certified voting systems known as the DS200 and ExpressVote with voter-verifiable paper audits. Sample ballots are available on the Jefferson County Clerk’s website at www.jeffersoncountyclerk.org/WhereDoIVote

What features are included in the new equipment?

The ExpressVote utilizes a variety of functions to ensure election data and votes cast records are secure. After all selections are made, the system produces a verifiable paper record for each ballot. The DS200 tabulation equipment includes physical security features and other safeguards that help protect sensitive data and verify authenticity.

What other services are offered by the County Clerk’s office?

As the chairwoman of the Jefferson County Board of Elections, I play a key role in the conducting of elections. All petitions for candidates for elective county offices are filed with the Clerk’s Office and I conduct the drawing for ballot positions. I am responsible for printing ballots, canvassing the votes at primary and general elections and, along with other Jefferson County Board of Election board members, certify Election Day votes to the Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Through our Legal Records Division, we collect delinquent real estate taxes and assist the public in retrieving, researching, copying and viewing legal documents such as: business names, corporations, deeds and mortgages, executive orders, name changes, wills, liens and releases. We record and index all legal real estate documents, including but not limited to powers of attorney, assignments and releases and fixture filing/UCC filings. We issue marriage licenses, notary commissions, special police registrations, regulated medical licenses, transient merchants permits and going out of business licenses.

We register or renew approximately 700,000 vehicles yearly through our Motor Vehicle Division. We also issue decals and plates and collect taxes on all Jefferson County motor vehicles, including motor boats. Additionally, we issue permanent and temporary disabled parking permits and file liens on titled collateral. We have eight motor vehicle branch offices for your convenience. VT

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