On The Job

With Bailey Wynn of Bloomed Roots

As told to Angie Fenton

My business started as a hobby I loved and became very passionate about. The more people learned about my plants, the more they wanted to know. In August 2016, it blossomed into Bloomed Roots, a pop-up shop I hope to turn into a brick and mortar store here in town.

We offer succulents and cacti, assorted arrangements, plant design for home and business, and we do weddings and events.

What sets my business apart from others is my passion and drive for each and every plant we sell. Each succulent or cacti we have is handpicked from the best greenhouses. We also  hand-make our own organic succulent/cacti soil to ensure the highest minerals and nutrients are provided. Not only do people get to adopt their new plant friend, but we provide care instructions, too. We want your plant experience to be set up for success.

My biggest challenge has definitely been figuring out how to successfully juggle working a full-time corporate job that requires some travel while also putting as much time and focus into my business. The more my business grows, the stronger my drive gets and I love it. I’ve learned the little bumps along the way are just preparing me for the future.

After signing up for a few local vendor markets, I had markets reaching out to me wanting me to be a part of their events. I’ve also had the opportunity to showcase and sell our arrangements in The New Blak in Oxmoor Mall, a local women’s retail store. The owner, Amanda Dare Dougherty, runs her business based on the idea of empowering women. You can find an assortment of our plants in her store. 

My advice for other entrepreneurs is to not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone even if it makes you nervous. Owning and running your own business requires taking risks, but it’s worth it if you’re willing to work for it. Some of the leaps I’ve taken that made me nervous have turned into my biggest accomplishments so far.

People who inspire me include Amanda (of The New Blak) because she loves supporting women entrepreneurs. Running her own business while uplifting other small businesses is so much to take on. She truly has made me realize how important it is to lift each other up in order to succeed and connect with others. Mike Pyle is someone who inspires me, too. He is a landscape designer based in California, and he also handcrafts amazing furniture. Mike marches to his own beat, and his work is always stunning. He inspires me to do bigger and better things with my work on a daily basis.

I’m excited to say our website will be launching within the next few weeks; you can sign up to be notified when it launches at bloomedroots.co! Also, you can find us by searching “Bloomed Roots” on Facebook or Instagram. VT