Morning Motivation

David Grantz shares how his meaningful morning routine helps him achieve personal and professional success

Q&A with Angie Fenton

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

It’s no secret that many highly successful people attest to the power of following a morning routine. We asked David Grantz, founder and owner of Buzz Advertising, to share how he starts his day and the effect his daily rituals have on his life and career.

When do you wake up in the morning?

Monday through Friday, I am usually up and going by 6:30 a.m.

What is the first thing you do in the morning that helps set the course of your day?

Drink coffee! When I have time, I like to grind my own beans at home. It helps bring out the flavor and the strength of the coffee. I usually drink about five cups a day. My brain is fully awake and firing on all cylinders before I walk out the door.

What is your morning routine?

My iPhone is my alarm clock, so I usually like to check my emails and social media while I am still in bed. Next, I am off to my new walk-in shower where I like to sit and pray and think about the day ahead of me. Prayer and meditation are very important to me.

How does your morning routine affect your professional success?

Running a successful advertising agency isn’t easy. It can take a lot out of you. My days are never 9 to 5. I am constantly on the go. It is a real treat if I get to eat lunch without my phone blowing up. The majority of the day, I am battling/negotiating with media reps from all over the country. Prayer and meditation first thing in the morning help keep me grounded, focused and motivated.

How does your morning routine affect your personal success?

My personal success helps fuel my professional success and vice versa. I feel that I am crazy, off-the-charts blessed. Starting off the day with positive energy is very important to me. Everyone needs to take stock of their life and count their blessings on a regular basis. It can all be taken away from you tomorrow. I feel that I have a very real and healthy relationship with God (or God as I believe him/her to be). There are many people who have helped me get where I am today. At the top of this list is my family. I pray for them as well as others and I always thank God for being in my heart, mind and soul – this day and every day.

Take time out for yourself. If you go down, everything else in your world is going to go down with you.”

— David Grantz

What does breakfast consist of?

Currently, I am hooked on vegetable-fruit smoothies. For years, I didn’t even eat breakfast; I just drank coffee. Now, I am on a bit of a health kick. My breakfast smoothie consists of Vega protein powder, baby kale, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, ice and almond milk. It sounds gross, but it’s actually really good. I drink about 16 to 20 ounces of this in the morning, and my body is like, “Dude, what is going on here? I don’t know what changed in you, but I like it!”

What is your advice for others regarding the role mornings play in your life and how they affect your success in life and business?

My advice to others would be to create a morning routine for yourself that is 100-percent custom and motivational for you. Life is not “one size fits all.” Therefore, what works for me might not work for you. Do whatever brings you peace, calm and focus in your life. Success to me is a healthy body, mind and spirit. My body and mind need a consistent helping of key nutrients in order to function at a top level and so does my soul. I’m not an overly religious man. I just know what makes me feel good. Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger. If I plan on taking my advertising agency to the next level – and that’s exactly what I plan on doing – then I have to get into the best mental and physical shape I can.

The other piece of advice that I would give is to take time out for yourself. If you go down, everything else in your world is going to go down with you. Lastly, surround yourself with solid, positive people. I know that it’s not always easy to do. I‘ve had to fire a few clients over the years mainly because of their negativity. It’s poison. Remove what’s dragging you down so that you can live a happier and more successful life.

What does your morning look like when you’re off the clock or on vacation?

Sleep is a luxury. When I can, I like to sleep in without the use of alarm clocks. Prayer and meditation are still a morning must have for me. I have gotten to where I really look forward to this time of the morning. Coffee is a must have as well. Perhaps, I need to plan my future vacations around areas of the world that produce the best coffee. Columbia, here I come! V