Merci Bouquet Envisions Your Event


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It’s the stuff of Pinterest fantasy – gorgeous white flowers, the dress you can’t wait to say yes to and the Pantone colors of the year (if you were wondering, 2017 is greenery.) You’re probably thinking of your secret wedding or event board, but now imagine someone who can bring that board to life.

You’re picturing Merci Bouquet, a young event design company co-owned by Amy Jo Goforth and Carrie Ann Foster. “It’s kind of a play on the French phrase ‘merci beaucoup,’” explains Goforth. The phrase translates to “thank you very much,” and its polite and classy expression reflects the style of Merci Bouquet. “We do event design with some planning services, graphics, accent draping and florals,” Goforth says, sampling just a few of the company’s services.

The company is based in New Albany, Indiana, and is only three years old. “Carrie and I have been friends for a while and we both went to school for art,” Goforth says. “I went for painting, she went for graphic design.” But when school was over and they entered the workforce, Foster and Goforth started to realize their entrepreneurial streak.

“I had always envisioned going into business for myself, and the wedding industry felt like a natural fit,” Goforth explains. “For me, it was really scary to think about something so big, but I felt like our passion for what we wanted to do was enough to follow that dream. As we learn more and time goes by, it just gets more exciting.”

Merci Bouquet offers highly personalized services in a wide range of genres. “Our main focus is weddings and events, but we mostly do weddings,” Goforth says with a smile. “Not only do we offer multiple services in one location, we have a real focus on making events unique and detail-oriented.” It appears that’s exactly what many event planners and brides are looking for. “More often than not, brides really have a focus on those details that make a wedding unique to them and that speak about their relationship as a couple,” Goforth describes. Merci Bouquet falls naturally into that space. “We’re young and we try to relate to everyone and to appeal to the client,” Goforth says. “Every bride feels special and unique.”

Merci Bouquet’s many and varied services do set it apart in a special way. “The florals are kind of my department,” Goforth asserts. “I love florals, and I’ve been doing this since I was 17 years old, so I’ve been around the industry since then.” Meanwhile, co-owner Carrie Foster has different specialties. “We also offer graphics – escort cards, seating charts, invitations,” Goforth says, “and Carrie leads that area.” Accent draping, linen rentals and other planning services are also included in Merci Bouquet’s wide-ranging repertoire.

But Merci Bouquet’s “it” factor really comes from its relationships with clients. “We have a full consultation,” Goforth says in regard to any aspect of the company’s services. “I’ve really been able to get to know my clients and get a sense of what their vision and their style is.” Those relationships and the artistic range of services are what really set Merci Bouquet apart.

Goforth is proud of her company, and she urges potential clients and young business owners alike to bring their visions to life. “Just follow your dream,” she says confidently. “If you’re excited about what you’re doing, people will see that. It only gets more exciting.” VT

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By Graham Pilotte