Laying Down a Difference

The River City Flooring team. (Courtesy Photo)

By Mariah Kline  |  Business Profile

Any business can prioritize good customer service while growing their company, but very few focus on pleasing employees while they’re at it. However, the professionals at River City Flooring are committed to satisfying their customers and treating their team members like family.

River City Flooring sells and installs hardwood, carpet, tile and more for new homes and those in need of an update. They also offer hardwood refinishing services that will give new life to existing floors using an eco-friendly and dust-free sanding system. In the last 20 years, founder and president Chris Brumley has turned a small business into an ever-expanding flooring empire.

Brumley opened the business in 1997 after being laid off from his job as a manufacturing representative. Within two years, he had nine people working for him, and by 2008, his home-based business moved into a retail store. Despite the challenges presented during the recession, his business has grown tenfold in the last nine years and acted as a sponsor of Homearama for the past six years.

While their floors are not featured in this year’s Homearama houses, their mission is to let the event’s 20,000-plus visitors know that they can create a Homearama feel in their own house. At the event, River City will have a number of representatives ready to answer any flooring-related questions guests may have.

“We try to be the experts so that customers don’t have to be,” says Brumley. “Rather than trying to research and read reviews on your own, let us educate you.”

At their Jeffersontown store, River City keeps a well stocked warehouse with flooring at wholesale prices for those who want to install themselves. Instead of small square pieces, they keep extra large samples in their showroom so shoppers can get a genuine look and feel of what they are buying.

In addition to their storefront, River City also has a growing online business so they can ship their products all over the nation. What separates their business from big box stores or other online retailers is their mission to treat buyers from across the country as if they are all local customers. River City will ask questions about a customer’s home, family and lifestyle to determine which type of flooring will best suit their needs.

“Buying flooring is a big decision and it can mean spending a lot of money,” affirms Brumley. “We’re adding a personal touch by treating online shoppers like they’re locals and by making sure they’re buying materials that will perform the way they need them to.”

Perhaps what sets River City apart the most, however, is the way the company treats its employees. Brumley and his team regularly throw parties and barbecues to celebrate holidays throughout the year. He is currently looking to purchase a condominium in Panama City, Florida, so his employees will always have a place to get away for a vacation. And when a team member’s birthday comes around, the company provides catered meals, an extravagant cake and multiple gift cards for whoever’s birthday is being celebrated.

“It’s not just my business,” says Brumley. “This is our business, and I’m committed to keeping my people happy.”

Happy colleagues and happy customers have seen the River City difference. Now, Brumley and his team look forward to meeting Homearama guests and making them feel right at home. VT

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