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Make no mistake, Standard Country Club is far from what its name may suggest. Breaking from the standard of private-membership facilities, the country club will introduce a new business model, effective May 1.

Under Mike Riley, general manager and longtime golf pro at Standard, the Brownsboro Road site will offer pricing and package opportunities unlike any in the Louisville area. Standard’s innovative model will provide a sort of “a la carte” menu of services varying in cost, with the option of combining golf, pool and tennis packages for a customized annual membership plan best suited for the 21st century. “We got the model from our members,” Riley said. “So far the reception from the public has been great.”

On 150 acres of land, Standard houses exceptional amenities, including its prestigious 18-hole golf course, five Har-Tru clay tennis courts, Olympic-size swimming pool and well-stocked fishing lake. Due to people’s increasingly busy schedules, however, Standard and fellow competitors began noticing respective members unable to fully capitalize on and spend as much time at the facilities for which they were paying.

Although rooted in 140-year tradition, Standard wasn’t afraid to think outside the box to address the issue. Instead of charging a flat fee to join the club, Standard chose to allow members the option of paying only for the portion of the establishment they intend to use. “What we’re trying to do is really attract a younger family or individuals, because in today’s world with club soccer teams, baseball teams, families have a lot of other things going on,” said Norman Walker, two-year board member of Standard and 10-year club member.

Consequently, Walker has seen an increase in interest and a fresh demographic emerging at the club. Soon, Standard’s community makeup could look somewhat different compared to 140 years ago, but Riley assured the club will maintain the same level of commitment to superior service and a sense of exclusivity, all while encouraging a relaxing, social atmosphere.

“We want to see that kids can hang around in a safe environment all day and enjoy an outside recreation,” said Riley. “Not just families, but a large group of retirees. I look at a club where you come and de-stress. It’s called a country club, but it really is a social club. You can meet up with your friends and be able to stay all day. I want to see more action around here, more activity around here, where families come out and just stop to enjoy life.”

Standard Country Club is located at 8208 Standard Club Lane. For more information on the club and its new pricing and package opportunities, visit or call 502.425.2857.

Contact writer Ashley Anderson at, 502.498.2051.

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