Highland Roofing Stays on Top

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By Graham Pilotte  |  Business Profile

When you’re thinking about keeping a roof over your head, Brock Ramser has one name to keep in mind – his company, Highland Roofing. With a strong, company-wide work ethic and a superior product quality, Highland Roofing has become embedded in Louisville.

As the name suggests, the company has deep roots in a well-known Louisville neighborhood. “We started in the Highlands; that’s where the name comes from,” notes Ramser, proud to be part of the fourth generation of Highland Roofing. “We’re a family-owned business, and we’ve been in Louisville since we started.” However, the success of the business eventually forced them from their first location. “We eventually had to move because we ran out of space,” says Ramser matter-of-factly, noting the company’s expansion into industrial roofing. Highland Roofing now boasts 90 members and annual sales of over $6 million, but it never forgot its roots.

Highland Roofing was founded in 1890 and now creates both residential and commercial roofs throughout Louisville. Roofing specialists handle every tough architectural challenge that arises, navigating twists and turns in almost any material. “We work in commercial, residential and even specialty settings,” Ramser says. “We’ve built a reputation based on our family, and being a high-integrity company is what we strive for.”

Highland Roofing has experience in almost every material. “We’ve worked on copper roofs, metal panels, slate and wood shingles,” Ramser asserts, easily listing off just a few. His company works on every type of roof, from crafting ceilings for the newest buildings to renovating older, classic structures. In addition, Highland Roofing’s expert repair specialists are always ready to remedy any roofing problems a client may face. From design to repair, Highland Roofing’s in-house capabilities are endless, which makes the company a Louisville go-to.

All the variety keeps life interesting for those who work with Highland Roofing. Ramser easily recollects a favorite project from 2015: the gleaming copper roof of Louisville Memorial Auditorium. “One unique project we completed recently was the copper dome roof replacement,” he describes. “It required our specialty copper work as well as some low-slope commercial roofing.” Highland Roofing handled all aspects of the job in-house, a remarkable feat. Today, the domed roof shines among downtown Louisville buildings, as a bright reminder of his company’s work.

And that reminder is key. “One thing about Louisville is there’s a lot of interconnectivity,” Ramser says. “It’s a mid-size city with a small-town feel, especially with work. You know the people in your community.” He says that his clients usually find Highland Roofing by word of mouth, passed along by others who loved their company’s work ethic. “Many companies can do roofing,” Ramser asserts, “but we have a willingness to go the extra mile.  Things don’t always run smoothly,” he says with a laugh, “but will your contractor duck and run, or stand behind their word? We want to do what’s right.”

Highland Roofing boasts products for any residential or commercial need, with impressive in-house capabilities. But beyond that, it’s steeped in Louisville tradition, and is a company that believes in more than just transactions. Some companies may want to just keep a roof over your head, but Ramser says that for Highland Roofing, “it’s about personal relationships.” VT

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