Get Your Glow Back

By Graham Pilotte

Small and family-run businesses are part of Louisville’s backbone, so having a favorite local retail and restaurant spot is common. However, family-run companies extend into other industries, as well – and the Skin Group, a local dermatology practice, is one such unique Louisville company.

“We’re a full-service dermatology practice, offering general dermatology, Mohs micrographic surgery and aesthetics,” explains Lisa Zax, practice manager at The Skin Group. “We have a downtown location at 444 South First Street and the other location is in Brooks, Kentucky right off of I-65.”

The Skin Group is well established in the Louisville area. “Dr. Robert H. Zax started practicing dermatology in 1990,” Zax explains. “He’s a native of Louisville. He went to Bellarmine, and then graduated from University of Louisville’s medical school.” Lisa Zax, however, is newer to the practice. “I’m the practice manager,” she says with a smile. “We’re a husband-wife team; he’s the surgeon and I manage the practice. That includes managing all of our employees, the financial and billing end and dealing with the insurance companies.”

“I’m a transplant from Cleveland, Ohio. I used to build medical office buildings,” Zax continues. “I moved to Louisville in January of 1994 – the week after the big snowstorm when the whole city was just shut down.” Louisvillians made an immediate impression on her. “When I moved here, the first thing I noticed was how friendly everybody was,” Zax says. “Bobby – Dr. Zax – he’s a good doctor, a good dad, just a good human being.”

Running the Skin Group together has made for a successful business, both in Brooks, Kentucky and Downtown. “People don’t realize how conveniently located we are. We’re within walking distance of many big office buildings Downtown,” Zax explains. “You can come over on your lunch hour and get a chemical peel, get lasers to treat sun damage, brown spots, scars and wrinkles or stretch marks.” These procedures are quick, easy and a great way to help brighten your skin. “There’s a stigma of downtime and procedures taking a long period of time, but the beauty of the technology we have today is there’s very little downtime,” Zax explains.

“We have a great staff,” Zax says. “All of our providers in our office bring over ten years of experience to the table, and Dr. Zax has over twenty-five years,” she explains. “Our people specialize in aesthetic procedures.” Procedures listed on their website include Botox and Dysport, injectable Restylane fillers and chemical peels. The Skin Group also carries a range of physician-recommended products for all your skincare concerns.

So whether you’re looking for an at-home regimen, a lunchtime chemical peel or a laser treatment, the Skin Group makes it easy to incorporate skincare into your routine. “You’re going to get your glow back; it’s a total skin revitalization,” Zax explains. “You’re going to look younger, fresher, newer and healthier. Readers can call about our winter special, Get Your Glow On. They can also purchase ThreeForMe laser treatments and receive 20 percent off (packages priced with discount) from October through February. And for people who work downtown, call about our Laser at Lunch.” VT

The Skin Group

444 S. First Street