The Fine Fashion of Fur

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Louisvillians are looking for ways to keep warm and, perhaps, to maintain their sense of style against the chill of winter. Those seeking fur have but a few options, especially if they’re also looking to keep their own furs ready to go during the warmer months.

One such option is Yudofsky Fur & Leather. The 90-year-old institution landed in Shelbyville Road Plaza in April 2015, occupying part of the space where Dolfinger’s once called home. The newest location is but the latest in a handful of moves over the life of the furrier – bought by current owner Lior Yaron at the end of 2014 from Joy Yudofsky – the result of Kroger buying out the previous space where Yudofsky called home. Yaron’s grandfather was a furrier in Israel, though he himself wouldn’t enter the industry until his purchase of the business from Yudofsky.

Selling furs is only one part of what makes Yudofsky Fur & Leather what they are. The furrier also offers the aforementioned storage service – where furs are stored in a refrigerated vault built to withstand fire, controlling for light and humidity, as well – and fur cleaning and glazing to help keep furs vibrant and long-lasting year after year.

“If the coat [is] being treated on a yearly basis, which means cleaned and glazed, the skin basically can stay forever. And then, of course, we put it in the refrigerated vault, and we keep it at a temperature the coat should be in.”

Yaron’s current business includes leather, alpaca, shearling and cashmere outerwear among Yudofsky’s traditional fur offerings, along with jewelry and other accessories. He stresses the main point of his business is the services Yudofsky provides to the customers, from storage and care to restyling and repairing fur coats and other luxury outerwear pieces for a new lease on life.

Though fur coats themselves are timeless, fashion trends have found their way into the fur industry. Yaron says the long coats – over 52 inches long – which had dominated the scene for the past three to four decades are now less trendy.

“What is more trendy [are three-quarter-length coats]. Also, what we see [is] integration of fashion. You have leather with fox. You will have leather with different furs. You will have cashmere with fur. It can be a fur collar, fur sleeves – there is a lot of combination.”

You also don’t need a lot of money to have a fur in your wardrobe. Yaron says there are several pieces and accessories in his store that won’t put a ding in your wallet, including a fur keychain for $20 or a poncho for $300. The aforementioned combinations of fur with other materials also help contribute to the lower prices.

Yudofsky manager Sanela Alicusic adds that she and Yaron are still exploring what Louisville wants to see when it comes to fashion.

“At this point, I think it’s challenging to say exactly what [are] the most dominant fashion pieces. It depends on the individual. I would say accessory pieces – vests, capes, smaller pieces … We are focusing on bringing [more innovative designs], but at the same time, still have [more classic looks].” VT

Yudofsky Fur & Leather, 4600 Shelbyville Road, Suite 100, is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. For more information, visit yfur.com or call 502.425.2121.


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