Fewer Patients, Better Care

There was a time when a family doctor would get to know all of his patients intimately. He would see them grow up, go to college, get married have their own children, welcoming another generation to his practice. While this cycle still exists, the intimacy between doctor and patient has arguably diminished. Doctors now have more and more patients assigned to them, while the minutes they can spend getting to know them are becoming few and far between.

At oneMD, though, the goal is create a practice where the opposite happens. Doctors have fewer patients, enabling them to dedicate much more time to diagnosing, treating and caring. While it’s been over a decade since the original oneMD office opened on Lime Kiln Lane, this year, a second location opened in the heart of St. Matthews, headed by Drs. Chris McClellan and Jeff Anderson.

TVT_3444For Anderson, the experience of moving away from Norton Healthcare after over a decade of service was an eye-opening and career changing move – the chance to work with patients for a more prolonged period of time and be more hands on than his peers.

“I think that what I am most excited about is that I’m finally as a physician able to get back to that complete, all-around care of my patients,” explains Anderson, who along with his colleague, ensures that he is free every day to see patients who need to stop by on the same day. Added to the fact that he is readily available by phone, text or email, it’s a wholly different experience than one usually has with doctors.

“We’re able to follow patients to the hospital and then even in the hospital, take care of them there. We can make home visits or nursing home visits as needed as well. When you see your doctor in the office – if you’re even able to see them or get ahold of them – and then go to the hospital, you’re pretty much taken care of by complete strangers.”… You go to the nursing home, a different doctor takes care of you there. You’ve got an acute problem, you go to the immediate care center, somewhere like that, you’re getting someone else who doesn’t really know you.”      

“oneMD is really an interesting concept just from a standpoint of what we had been doing before, which was patients fitting into a 15 minute appointment and being asked to see more and more patients,” explains McClellan. “It was getting very difficult for us, from a professional standpoint, to just to be able to sit back and enjoy what we were doing.”

TVT_3440Indeed, if you take a walk around the oneMD offices, you quickly realize how much is under one roof – a large number of rooms, an X-ray machine. There’s even a room that contains a treadmill for fitness tests that oneMD offers for patients who wish to closely monitor their health and work on goals with their doctor. It all ensures patients stay at oneMD longer, build a closer relationship with McClellan and Anderson and, in the long run, increase their chances of living a healthier life.

“A lot of docs out there are taking care of thousands and thousands of patients and trying to manage that many patients at one time,” explains Anderson. “Each doctor here will see probably 300 patients. Because the number you’re seeing is a more controlled number, you’re able to commit more time as a doctor to all around care.”

Adds McClellan: “Some of my partners from my old office were up to around 4,500 to 5,000 patients – seeing up to 35 a day. We don’t get to know anyone at that point. So I’m making the sell to you, and it seems to be pretty simple. But there are some physicians out there that said, ‘I’m worried I’m going to get bored.’”

For Anderson, who joined after getting the call from McClellan – a friend from his college days in medical school, the choice was still daunting but nevertheless the right one.

TVT_3443“Over 13 years, you get to know people. Even though you only get to see them for short periods of time, a lot of things happen over those years,” explains Anderson. “And so, yes, it was hard to leave. But I knew I was coming here and going to do something I was very excited about.”

McClellan and Anderson are carving out their own future. A future with patients who feel truly satisfied with their level of care because McClellan and Anderson themselves care so much. VT

oneMD is located at  112 Sears Avenue, Louisville, KY 40207. For more information call 502.238.2163 or visit www.myonemd.com.