Fast Food Can be Healthy Food

By Graham Pilotte

Looking for a healthy spot to refuel over the winter? New local salad shop Green District Salads is a newcomer to the Louisville food scene, but it’s quickly gaining popularity. Instead of a last-minute side salad, Green District Salads is carefully crafting delicious chopped salads and wraps that the whole family can enjoy. 

“This location just opened June 7,” owner Jordan Doepke explains, of their St. Matthews branch. “It’s been a real whirlwind. There are four total partners, and we all kind of took different roles. We knew we wanted to grow this business.” But even after just a few months in business, it’s clear that their startup is marked for success. Healthy eaters can pick from a range of pre-made menu options, or can create their own unique dish, one ingredient at a time. “All the partners have families, wives and kids, so we’re all rooted here in Louisville,” Doepke says. “Our kids love this; they think it’s so cool. And they’ve even been eating salads.”

“It’s a winning concept, and these guys are outstanding,” explains General Manager Jonathan Clark. “There’s nothing else like Green District Salads here in Louisville; it’s so fast and fresh. We’ve had a really warm welcome to the neighborhood.” The simple concept is one that has been missing in the Louisville market, and the neighborhood has taken notice.

Green District Salads has, notably, taken over the space left behind by the vacated Chop Shop. Clark and a few other employees have made the transition along with the space. “We have a really great team right now,” Clark says. “We do our best to separate our former concept from who we are now, learning lessons as we go, but we love having our regular customers back.”

Many of these regulars are equally delighted to have their favorite salad spot back as well. “Our repeat customers are our bread and butter,” Clark asserts. “Sometimes they even come for lunch and then again for dinner on their way home!” He cites the city’s culture as one possible impetus. “If you go to a park in Louisville, it’s usually packed,” he says. “People are trying to lead active, healthy lifestyles.”

Doepke is in agreement, adding that Green District Salads wants everyone to be able to take part in the company’s vision. “We want to be a premier lifestyle brand,” he says. “Think of Green District Salads as a healthy spot where you can take the whole family.” All their ingredients are fresh—even the meats, like steak, chicken and shrimp, are cooked with Old Bay seasoning and citrus juice rather than oil. Additionally, their paper products are BPH-free and recycled, and all produce is GMO-free.

With its unique product, happy team and loyal customer base, Green District Salads is a rapidly expanding Louisville favorite that’s here to stay. Locals are encouraged to come check it out, and try great food in a casual, friendly atmosphere. “It’s about healthy living,” Doepke summarizes, “and we want everyone to come. Everybody is accepted here.” VT