Etcetera Offers Stationery ‘And The Rest’

Photo by Richie Goff.

Photo by Richie Goff.

With so many stores in town devoted to specific items, it can be difficult to find somewhere to pick up miscellaneous needs, like stationery and beautiful tabletop items. Lucky for Louisville, Etcetera exists.

Owner Linda Humphrey describes her store as “Whatever the whim: Etcetera. Just everything.”

The store, originally named Dupont Accessories, was started by her mother and two aunts over 40 years ago with a specialty in needlepoint, which her mother excelled in. From there, it expanded to include other things, like tabletop accessories and apparel, and ever since Humphrey took ownership 22 years ago, it has continued to evolve and be “the store for all seasons.” The phrase “et cetera” translates literally from Latin as “and the rest.”

One thing that has remained constant is their large stock of stationery and invitations, which is the staple of the store. Humphrey prides herself on having the largest stock of invitations in the state and the largest stock of Crane Stationery, which is the oldest stationery company in the United States. They make invitations for weddings and parties as well as birth announcements, and work with both individuals and corporations to create something spectacular for whatever the occasion. As Humphrey puts it, they can “custom do anything. If you come in with an idea, we will expand and create it. There are no limits, and some of the things you wouldn’t believe.”

Besides having customers on Park Avenue and in Ocean Reef, she divulges that Oprah’s assistant called one year asking Etcetera to custom create a Christmas card for the media mogul. But you don’t have to be a celebrity or high roller to enjoy their creations.

Humphrey explains, “The one thing I think a lot of people don’t know is that you don’t have to have the most expensive invitation as long as it’s laid out beautifully and written well. People always think it’s more expensive when it looks correct and has more style. You should come in being prepared for whatever works for you and we will help you achieve that.”

Since most people have not ordered wedding invitations before getting prepared for their big day, having the eye of a professional stationer can make all the difference. “I always tell people when you look at the books you’re looking at ideas. You’re going to pick your paper and point out what you like and we’re going to create it from there. So you get exactly what you like.”

With the long history of Etcetera, Humphrey feels like she is not only welcoming customers into her store but into her home. She remembers working with her mother fondly as she helps brides and their mothers make the perfect wedding invitation, and she feels humbled seeing the faces of returning customers who have sought her help over three generations. Even if she is only a small part in creating someone’s happy event, making something beautiful is more than just a whim. VT

Etcetera, 4913 Brownsboro Road, is open Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m.-4 p.m. For more information, visit etceteraoflouisville.com or call 502.425.9277.