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Reflections of You, by Amy opens storefront in Chenoweth Square

Story by Remy Sisk

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

In February, a vacant space became occupied again in Chenoweth Square. Though the charming teal storefront – Reflections of You, by Amy – is a new addition to one of St. Matthews’s most iconic retail centers, Amy Wagner’s company, which specializes in home interior design, renovation and staging, has been in operation for a decade. Now, Wagner is thrilled to be able to take the next step of opening her retail space and design studio.

Wagner’s love of design came from her grandmother, who was an interior designer in Birmingham. All her life, she has had a passion for design and worked diligently to make her passion her career. When she started her company out of her home in 2008, she selected the name based on her philosophy of the business. “I wanted my company to always truly be a team that listens to their clients very carefully, and while we’re guiding them through the process, we’re really reflecting their personality because they’re the ones who have to live there, not us,” she says. “So, we obviously want them to be very happy with their selections.”

In addition to design, Reflections of You, by Amy, offers comprehensive renovation services, making the new storefront a one-stop shop. “People can just come here and we can pull it all together,” she affirms. “We have contractors, we have painters, we have flooring, we have a handyman, we have anything that a client needs to make the project happen, and we oversee it from beginning to end. For the client, they can be as hands-off as they want, and we will take the stress out of the whole process and help them to get it done in a timely manner with quality products.”

Outside of the shop, the company also stages homes for sale and is, according to Wagner, the only staging company in Kentucky that has its own furniture and accessories inventory and storefront. The business is additionally certified as an Expert Psychological Stager, making them literal experts on the process. “There’s a true science behind what we do,” Wagner describes. “There are psychological reasons that we place certain furniture in certain spaces or we use certain colors. There are emotional triggers that pull buyers into a home and push them away from a home, and we’ve been trained to know all of that.”

The work Wagner has invested in her team has paid off: the company boasts a 98 percent success rate in that the homes they stage are under contract in 30 days – as long as the owners follow Wagner’s plan. The business doesn’t just stage the home; they stick around to work with the realtor and owners to market it. Additionally, Wagner has a guarantee that if the owners did follow the plan and the house is still not under contract in 30 days, then the second month of the furniture and accessories lease is completely free.

Now that the new space is up and running, Wagner looks forward to bringing in more clients and showcasing the possibilities she has to offer. “I had not been actively looking for a space, but I knew we were at that point where we were ready for the next step,” she says of opening up at Chenoweth Square. “We still have our operations office and warehouse, but we knew we were ready to have this as an added platform for our designers and clients to be able to pull a project together more efficiently.”

To celebrate the new venture, Reflections of You, by Amy will hold a grand opening on April 12. From 4 to 7 p.m., guests can enjoy hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, chances to win prizes and a 15 percent discount on all furniture and accessories. “More than anything,” Wagner enthuses of the grand opening, “we just want to have an event to thank our clients, thank our realtors, contractors and vendors – everyone! – our friends and family, who have been so supportive and have helped us pull all of this together and get to the place where we are today.”

At the core of the business remains Wagner’s authentic love for her work, which was started with her grandmother back in Birmingham. “The heart of it is to really be compassionate and help people make their dreams in design come true, make it so it’s seamless and really stress-free. I like a really soft approach to clients and building relationships, and with that comes everything else.” VT

Reflections of You, by Amy

Grand Opening:
4 to 7 p.m. April 12

3935 Chenoweth Square