Dr. T. Gerald O’Daniel: A Cut Above The Rest

Staff Writer

Dr. T. Gerald O’Daniel’s first memories are of growing up in a small town in central Kentucky drawing the world around him. He could depict a horse before he could write his own name. By the time he was in high school he was being commissioned to produce pieces, by now adept at oils, watercolors and charcoals. But when it came to attending college at the University of Kentucky there was a noticeable change. The art classes became a minor and pre-med studies began consuming O’Daniel’s time, who’d gained an unquenchable thirst for understanding another of the world’s greatest works of art – the human body.

Today he’s one of Louisville’s top cosmetic surgeons. After graduating from University of Louisville Medical School, O’Daniel found a way to combine his love of fine arts to help people look their best by merging his inherent understanding of proportion, harmony and balance with his near unparalleled medical expertise.

“My father was a pharmacist and my mother a nurse, so I grew up in a science house,” explains O’Daniel. “I grew up with a fascination with the human body and how it worked before I ever knew what a surgeon was.”

But he soon discovered his calling was indeed surgery, just as it had been during childhood when he leafed through the medical magazines his father brought home with photos of the world’s first heart transplant in South Africa.

“I dialed in on surgery. In my first year, I was able to work with Paul Tessier, the father of craniofacial surgery,” recalls O’Daniel. “That took me down a path where I was doing head and neck surgery, facial nerve surgery and truly understanding the facial muscles. I did a plastic surgery residency with some of the best surgeons in the world and then traveled to Taiwan and worked with a surgeon who was the giant of Asia.”

After 9 years of training, including two residencies and three fellowships (of which 7 were spent doing nothing but facial work), O’Daniel feels the experience has given him the confidence to perform procedures in a way few surgeons are able. Unlike traditional face lifts his are performed differently. Not merely an incision and stretching of the skin, O’Daniel is able to sculpt using his encyclopedic knowledge of the face’s structure and his artistic intuition.

“A typical patient does not want to look different,” says O’Daniel. “A patient may miss how they look when they were younger but they don’t want to look any different. What I learned in my residency has no relation to what I do today other than it gave me the confidence and skills to develop the techniques I use right now.”

Remaining one of the best cosmetic surgeons requires O’Daniel and his colleagues to not simply rest on their laurels, but rather find new ways in which they can bring pioneering treatments to their customers. One aspect in which they have found they can do this is through a new non-invasive procedure that seeks to revolutionize weight loss.

“There are a lot of companies that approach us and ask us to use their products,” explains O’Daniel, whose staff, excluding O’Daniel’s 30 years, have a combined 84 years of experience. “I’ve always said that I would only use a product in my practice if I tested it and it worked on me,” he concludes.

A product that’s passed the high threshold is CoolSculpting, an FDA approved alternative to the much more invasive process of liposuction. By using fat freezing technology, fat cells are frozen without the use of any needles, anaesthetic, surgery or any other kind of invasive procedure. Instead, the device is simply applied to the patient’s extremities, safely chilling fat cells painlessly. The result is that a few weeks later, once the body has expunged the unwanted fat cells, the patient sees a slimmer appearance in the treated area. Where O’Daniel feels that his practice stands apart is that they have two machines, making them the only place in Kentucky, Ohio or West Virginia which, in turn, reduces treatment time to a mere hour with the same effective result.

The end product is a legion of delighted patients ready to extol the virtues of O’Daniel’s experience and nuanced surgical work.

“My practice is 100% word of mouth,” he explains proudly. “I have hairdressers in South Dakota sending me patients I’ve never met because of a patient who’s gone back there.”

Dr. T. Gerald O’Daniel is located at 222 S. First St., Suite 100, Louisville, Ky. 40202. For more information, call 502.584.1109 or email info@drodaniel.com.


Photos By CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune