Dr. Chet Finds His Medical Home in Louisville

Dr. Chet Mays. Photo by Gary Barragan

Dr. Chet Mays. Photo by Gary Barragan

Spend even a few minutes with Dr. Chet Mays, the newest addition to the surgical staff at the Calobrace & Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery Center, and his commitment to quality and drive for excellence are immediately evident. His demeanor is warm, professional, engaging and confident. The combination of his education, talent and personality make him exactly the kind of guy you’d want as your next-door neighbor, your brother-in-law or, well, your plastic surgeon.

Hailing from Somerset, Kentucky, Mays grew up around surgeons. His father and three of his brothers are also surgeons, so his path into the surgical field was natural. Louisville became the host city for his undergrad work and he earned his medical degree at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. It was in his third year as a med student that his focus turned to plastic surgery, when he took a course elective taught by Dr. Brad Calobrace. Upon completing his studies at UofL, he relocated to New York, where he spent the next six years at the University of Rochester, completing an integrated plastic surgery residency.

Mays says that while he pursued his education and training, he always knew he wanted to be back in Louisville and specifically had his sights set on the Calobrace & Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery Center. He felt that the high quality and energetic practice that Calobrace had built resonated with his goals, so he maintained contact with Calobrace through various events and conferences he attended over the course of his training. Out of mutual respect and shared inspiration, a true friendship developed. When he talks about Calobrace, Mays uses words like, “integrity” and “professional expertise.” His admiration is evident and his enthusiasm and passion for their common vision is intense.

Mays returned to Louisville this summer, where he rooted down with his wife and two sons, and joined his dream practice alongside Calobrace and partner Dr. Mizuguchi in August. And while Mays’ credentials are impressive and the list of honors and awards he’s received is long, he is anything but pretentious. His attitude is humble and he insists that the gratification he gets from being part of a such a prestigious team of surgeons compensates for the sacrifices he’s made to get here. But even that is not the biggest reward for Mays. It comes down to his clients and the impact he can make on their lives.

Although he’s not saving lives, Mays is changing them. He regards the ability to change people as a privilege, and he finds the plastic surgery field to be rewarding in artistic and innovative ways, that many other types of surgery are arguably not. He takes great pride in building collaborative relationships that allow him to realize a client’s vision while contributing to their confidence and enhancing their self-image. Ultimately, his passion for client satisfaction has merged with his ongoing quest for self-improvement, putting Mays right where he belongs, and Louisville should feel fortunate to have him as part of the community. VT

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Story by Kris Ritcher

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