Designing a Budget with River City Bank

By Graham Pilotte  |  Business Profile

Redesigning your home is a completely unique experience. Your new dwelling space is exciting, pristine…and, sometimes, jaw-droppingly tough on your budget. Thankfully, local companies like River City Bank have plans in place to help out anyone who’s new to the game.

River City Bank is a locally owned, hometown company with affiliated banks throughout Kentucky. However, the branches in Jefferson County have a special place in the community’s hearts, and the bank is equally dedicated to their customers. This year, River City Bank is sponsoring Homearama, the annual home show that showcases custom-built new houses. This year, Homearama will take place in Poplar Woods July 15-30.

“As a member of the community, River City Bank is proud to partner with the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville,” says Jeanna Ashley, vice-president of River City Bank. “We’ve been a sponsor of Homearama for the past four years, and we’re looking forward to being involved for many more.” Together with the Building Industry Association, or BIA, River City Bank is helping contractors and local businesses create and maintain a strong customer base throughout the Louisville area. “We’re excited about the revitalization of the building industry in Louisville and happy to be a part of it,” Ashley explains.

Reassuringly, River City Bank knows the potential problems that customers face when they’re ready to build. “We’re able to assist with everything from lot purchase to new home construction to remodeling your current home to fit your needs,” Ashley states. “We’ll work with you to find the right loan product for you. All of our decisions are made locally –you’re welcome to contact any of our branches and an experienced lender will be able to begin walking you through the process.”

And experience isn’t the only valuable asset this company brings to the table. “River City Bank has been working through the building process with both builders and homeowners for over 30 years,” Ashley says. “We work with many of the area’s builders and have streamlined the construction and rehab loan process to be fast and efficient.”

For anyone ready to start a project, her words are a dream come true. However, others may be intimidated, which is why River City Bank won’t pressure you. “Even if you aren’t quite ready to purchase, remodel or build your dream home, we’d be happy to sit down to discuss your future plans and how to achieve them,” Ashley asserts.

The company is deeply rooted in Louisville. “River City Bank is a member of several community organizations,” Ashley says, listing off the BIA, Greater Louisville Inc. and local chambers of commerce as a few examples. Notably, River City Bank has also been involved with the Building Industry Charitable Foundation for years. “We’ve had the opportunity to partner with Youth Build in the construction of several playhouses,” Ashley says. The playhouses, which are intended for children of differing abilities, are donated every year to families that need them.

With five branches throughout Louisville and a sixth one opening soon, it won’t be hard to find a River City Bank near your neighborhood. “We’re dedicated to serving the Louisville area,” Ashley assures. VT

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