Deducing The Cure

Sometimes, you just don’t feel well – even though you aren’t sick. If you aren’t quite healthy but don’t have a disease, the medical system can leave you feeling like you’ve fallen through the cracks.

But a doctor in La Grange, Ky., specializes in helping patients to go from feeling OK to feeling fantastic and really thriving.

“What is health?” asks Dr. Carl Paige. “It’s not just the absence of disease; it’s optimal function.”

Dr. Carl Paige.

Dr. Carl Paige.

Board certified as both a pediatrician and internist, Paige has been practicing medicine for 25 years. But in 2011, seeking a more proactive approach than the way he’d always done medicine, Paige decided to get some extra training.

So he completed a fellowship in anti-aging, regenerative and functional medicine. He became board certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging/Regenerative Medicine. And in 2013, he opened the Medical Transformation Center.

He continues to operate his traditional practice, Paige Primary Care Center. Both practices are located in Suite 201 at Baptist Health’s medical plaza in La Grange, 1023 New Moody Lane.

“Medicine is very good at dealing with crises,” he says. “But it doesn’t do very well with the in-between-the-lines type patient – maybe someone who just doesn’t feel well, or someone who maybe feels well but would like to perform at a higher level.”

The transformation center offers a broad range of services including obesity management, athletic performance optimization and hormone replacement therapy.

Through personalized medicine, Paige extends hope to patients who’ve gone from doctor to doctor without a diagnosis and yet don’t feel their best. “Just because medicine has bounced them around a few times doesn’t mean they don’t have anything that we can offer them,” he says.

Ever the scientist and tinkerer – a medical Sherlock Holmes, as his wife puts it – Paige loves a good challenge. “I like those patients that come in with weird things wrong with them that nobody’s been able to put a pin on yet,” he says.

A key component of Paige’s new approach is genomics, the study of chromosomes, genes and their functions. He uses genomic testing to see how patients process certain nutrients on a genetic level. With that knowledge he is able to guide them to the nutrients that are most helpful for them.

Personalized medicine is particularly helpful for patients with autism spectrum disorder, because the right nutrition helps them perform their best.

“Today in traditional medicine, the computer has sort of become a barrier between the patient and the doctor,” Paige says. “We spend more time clicking buttons as opposed to seeing the patient.”

But at the transformation center, Paige often spends 45 minutes to an hour with his patients on an initial visit. That allows him to listen to them, find out what their needs are and develop a specific plan for them. “It’s more rewarding for me,” he says, “because you actually get to see the patient, talk to the patient, make eye contact with the patient.”

Paige says many doctors are frustrated with the traditional approach.

“The system now is really pigeonholing us,” he says. “Medicine now is sort of taking the art out of medicine. In an effort to make it a very specific science, it’s losing the ability to address the individual’s needs.”

As science advances, Paige is confident more doctors will take the approach he’s taking.

“In the major centers traditional medicine looks to for cutting-edge development, they’re already doing this, and Louisville really hasn’t got there yet,” he says. “I think that it’s headed in that direction.”

Paige is also an assistant clinical professor of medicine at the University of Louisville. To further his credentials in personalized medicine, he is currently pursuing a fellowship in botanical medicine.

Paige’s wife, Terri Paige, is director of business development and community outreach at the center. They have eight children.

For more information, visit www.medicaltransformationcenter.com. Dr. Paige may be reached at 502.225.4480. Or, call Terri at 502.262.4936 or email her at terriap@medtrancen.com.

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