Considerate Construction

DSC_0125One of the most effective ways to attract business is through referrals from satisfied customers, and for a construction company, this is especially important. For 22 years, Clore Construction has provided residential and corporate remodeling work in the Louisville area and has built up a reputation as one of the most well-respected remodeling companies in the city.

After spending time remodeling his own home, founder Mark Clore realized he had an eye for design and a passion for remodeling. In 1994, he decided to pursue the work in earnest and started Clore Construction.

“Truly, my skill is design and job management,” Clore says. “When someone hires me, everything is taken care of.” The big picture is important for Clore, but so are the little details. “From hanging mirrors, towel bars, touch ups – the finishing touches to where you’re truly complete, and the customer is not just satisfied, they’re thrilled.”

DSC_0081Clore Construction offers an array of services including but not limited to work on entertainment centers, basements, kitchens, bathrooms, room additions, custom flooring, vinyl siding, bay windows and roofing. As stated on their website, cloreconstruction.net: “Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the construction team.”

The ability and skill to follow any job through to the end is something Clore is truly proud of. “There are a lot of people who think they can remodel. There are a lot of people who can build a house. But the successful ones can finish to the last detail,” Clore emphasizes, and detail is vital when so much business comes from positive word of mouth. “80 percent of what I do is referral and repeat – people who know my work. I get great referrals, and that’s very fulfilling to me.”

Clore Construction also prides itself on its community involvement. All removed cabinetry and appliances are donated to Habitat for Humanity, and they even sponsor a baseball team for the Lyndon Optimist Club. Clore also has been heavily involved in the construction of Hildegard House, a place for the homeless and elderly to receive end-of-life care and the subject of this week’s Voice-Tribune Feature story.

DSC_0062In construction, licensing is a selling point, and Clore Construction is licensed in general liability, workers compensation and dishonesty bond. This allows for a protection of the workers and the clients. They are also accredited by BBB, Energy Star, The Home Builder’s Association, Metro Government Department of Inspections and ranked in the top 10 in Business First’s list for full scale remodelers.

Having spent many years pursuing the opportunity to do fulfilling work at which he excels, Clore has learned the importance of being a leader to his team, making a positive impact on the community and earning the respect of his customers. When asked about what drives him in his professional career, Clore said, “It’s the passion to complete the job,” and it’s easy to tell that he does indeed possess the passion necessary to do quality work. VT


By NICHOLAS SIEGEL, Contributing Writer