The Community and Convenience of Commonwealth Bank & Trust

Photo by Cameron McGill, McGill Photography

Photo by Cameron McGill, McGill Photography

As anyone who has visited Norton Commons knows, the area has much more than just elegant homes. Restaurants and shops of all kinds line the streets, and as of this year, the subdivision now has a community bank ready to serve the neighborhood’s residents.

Commonwealth Bank & Trust opened at Norton Commons on April 25 of this year and boasts 16 locations throughout Jefferson County, Shelby County and Northern Kentucky. CBandT is a local community bank that accommodates its customers with the proficiency of a bigger bank while still treating them like family.

“We really like building personal relationships with our customers,” explains Brandi Rimpsey, marketing director for CBandT. “We want to learn about every person’s lifestyle and what they need so that we can provide them with the best experience. People aren’t just numbers to us.”

CBandT saw the need for a bank within the subdivision, and they believe they will make a great fit for the area.

“Since Norton Commons has that community feeling and we’re a community bank, we couldn’t wait to be a part of the neighborhood,” asserts Rimpsey.

Photo by Cameron McGill, McGill Photography

Photo by Cameron McGill, McGill Photography

Though they are a relatively new institution, CBandT’s use of new technologies puts them ahead of other community banks and gives their customers the benefits of a large bank. They currently have an all-new mobile app in development that will be more efficient than ever and make the entire banking experience easier and more convenient. The Norton Commons branch uses cash recyclers to count money, ensuring precision and accuracy during every transaction.

Coming soon to the same branch will be state-of-the-art Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) that act as virtual tellers. These machines will let customers pay their mortgage, make a car payment and complete most any task that a banking specialist would do. The machines will be unveiled this fall and will have extended hours for customers who need to take care of business outside of normal banking hours.

If your needs go beyond personal banking, CBandT can assist there as well. In addition to their 16 locations, they operate nine remote mortgage offices. They have divisions that handle commercial lending, commercial real estate, small business loans and more.

Though CBandT is rapidly progressing in their way of banking, they are still focused on keeping things local.

“The decisions being made at our bank are made by local people,” emphasizes Greg Hillner, branch manager of the Norton Commons location. “We don’t outsource our calls to someplace else, and even the ITMs will be operated by a department here in Louisville. We know that the people of Norton Commons like supporting local businesses, and we’re excited to become the first bank in the area and to get to know the residents.”

If you haven’t yet become familiar with Commonwealth Bank & Trust, you’ll have an opportunity to do so soon. Visit their tent as the official entertainment sponsor of Homearama to meet some of their employees, who are eager to get to know people in the area. You may find yourself right at home with them and possibly even make some new friends. VT

Commonwealth Bank & Trust at Norton Commons is located at 10716 Meeting St. For more information, visit or call 502.259.2140.

Story by MARIAH KLINE, Contributing Writer