Changes at Chenoweth

Photo by Lisa Hornung.

Photo by Lisa Hornung.

The bustling Chenoweth Square Shopping Center is seeing big changes in the coming months, including a new Indian restaurant and a much-needed Paul’s Fruit Market expansion.

Walter Wagner, owner of Chenoweth Square LLC., recollects that when he bought the property in 1973, Paul’s was his first tenant. Then, the market was in “the little shack by the railroad track,” where Cheddar Box Too is now. Later, Paul’s moved to another section, which is where Dig’s At Home In the Garden is now.

“I tried for a long time to get Paul’s to move back there,” Wagner says. “They were so busy, they’d cause congestion at the entrance! He didn’t want to get away from Chenoweth Lane.”

Now situated back in the shopping center, Paul’s has been pressed for space in recent years.

Majid’s is now closed, and Paul’s is expanding into its bar area, adding an extra 2,500 square feet of space, about 30 percent more, says Phil Thieneman, owner of Paul’s and son of its founder, Paul Thieneman. The expansion will allow the store to have a meat counter, more freezer space and more gourmet offerings, as well as more badly needed office space.

“We’re very, very pressed for space,” Thieneman emphasizes. “Luckily, I’ve got some great managers there who do things very efficiently, and I think this will make their lives easier.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to expand. Doll’s and Burger’s [Markets] are both gone, so I think it’s imperative that we increase our product line. We’ve picked up a lot of customers from those two businesses,” Thieneman says. He adds that customers have said they want more products.

Wagner agrees that because of the closure of Doll’s and Burger’s, “There’s really a need for groceries in this area.”

There will also be more patio space with the expansion, but Thieneman isn’t sure yet what will go there. Perhaps more flowers in the spring or more seating for customers who like to come in and grab lunch, he considers.

The scheduled opening date for the expansion is March 1, 2017.

Indian restaurant opening

In the former Majid’s restaurant location will be a new Indian restaurant: Tikka House. Owners Shree Giri and Manish Shrestha will offer a buffet lunch and fine dining a la carte at dinner. Giri explains he has worked in five-star restaurants for about 17 years, and his own restaurant will serve Indian-fusion dishes, along with meals you likely won’t find in other local Indian restaurants.

The food at Tikka House won’t be overly greasy, fatty or spicy, Giri describes. “We have some different items that you can’t find in other Indian restaurants, southern Indian food, north Indian food. Food you can find only in that particular region of India.”

Tikka House is scheduled to open January 1, but Giri says they are waiting for some licenses to come in. If the liquor license doesn’t come by then, it will have a soft opening while the owners wait for ABC to approve the sale of liquor.

Tikka House and the expanded Paul’s will add to Chenoweth Square’s existing offerings. Shoppers have long enjoyed the one-stop-shop convenience that comes with scheduling a sweat session with B.YOU, grabbing lunch at Cheddar Box Too, getting a hair touch-up at Primp and perusing the unique offerings of locally-owned businesses like Digs, Merci, Fleur de Lis, Lemon Tree, Modern Elegance, Dolfingers, J. McLaughlin, H.J. Redmon, Three Dog Bakery and Bedded Bliss. St. Matthews awaits the exciting changes of Chenoweth Square, but embraces the reliability it has always offered. VT

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