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Photo by Cameron Aubernon

Photo by Cameron Aubernon

By Cameron Aubernon  |  Business Profile

Spring has finally sprung in Louisville. The days are growing longer, the temps are warmer and the first dogwoods are in bloom. And of course, it’s time for some spring cleaning to clear out the winter cobwebs.

What if a broom and dustpan isn’t enough, though? What if you need a few skilled hands to help give a room a life? What if your whole house needs a complete makeover? A contractor may be what is needed for the ultimate spring clean.

Founded by Mark Clore nearly a quarter-century ago, Clore Construction Company is a full-service company with nine full-time employees and a handful of licensed subcontractors who can tackle a top-to-bottom remodel as easily as laying down a new kitchen floor.

The Voice-Tribune visited Mark, his son Geoff and his crew on-site, where a full-scale renovation was taking place inside the first floor of his client’s home in Audubon Park.

“Years ago, I had an uncle who had rental property,” Mark says. “I’d go out with him to tear stuff out, demolition, et cetera. In my adult life, I had other jobs; some people would be surprised to hear I was a commercial baker for 15 years. Some life changes made me find a Monday-through-Friday job, and I worked for a company called Lesher Fire Protection.”

Mark’s life changed again following the purchase of Lesher by Tyco International in 1998. Not wanting to work for corporate America and having bought, remodeled and sold a few homes on his own already, he made the decision to go all in on the remodeling business.

Though Mark started off as a subcontractor, he saw better opportunities in directly servicing the client. “Working for the end user, you get to develop a working relationship. I enjoy that part. I enjoy making people happy.”

The happiness Mark and Geoff bring to their client base has helped grow their business; around 90 percent of their work comes from referrals and repeat business. Geoff joined his father several years ago, and has learned much about making those connections since then.

“Over the years, I’ve watched that transform,” he says. “Every call he takes is someone he knows, someone he’s done work for or a friend of a friend. Just watching that grow over time has been quite impressive. What I’ve watched him build over time, to me, it makes it known that that’s something that can be done. The rapport you create with people is the most important thing that’s happening here.”

The Clores’ presence in the Louisville community goes beyond remodeling. Over the years, their company has donated removed cabinetry and appliances to Habit for Humanity and supported Hildegard House, the first and only comfort care home in Kentucky for those in their final stage of life with nowhere else to go.

“Doing well enough for your business to be able to help folks out like that,” Mark adds, “is a very rewarding thing.” VT

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