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Getting an all-body workout in one place has never been easier.

B. You, a modern fitness boutique for women located at 3934 Chenoweth Square, offers a variety of amenities for women to receive a complete workout in just one hour.

Co-owners Rashna Carmicle and Stephanie Bristow pride themselves on learning the latest health and fitness research to bring the best exercises to their clients.

“We try to get exercises and teach classes that focus on what women want as far as toning and sculpting, not bulking muscles but still being strong and having that strength training, the cardio and burning fat,” said Bristow.

Before creating B. You, Carmicle found herself at numerous fitness centers. “I had multiple gym memberships (because) … I liked what was new, what was cool. I would do boot camps in the park, running groups, go to different studios to do personal trainings just because I get bored really easily,” she explained. “I got frustrated because I was like ‘Why can’t I get this from one place?’ Why do I have to go all over town to all these different places to get a modern workout that keeps me interested, that keeps my body shocked, changes my body? That’s why I started thinking, ‘Oh it’d be great to have a place like that.’ ”

B. You offers workout classes that are not your average push-ups or treadmill running. Among the selection: B. Barre classes, which are inspired from ballet bar classes; B. Lifted, which is an aerial class that uses suspended silk hammocks; and B. Runners, a running fitness group.

B. You offers an annual membership, or you can buy a monthly membership or even just drop in on a class to workout.

Added bonus: If you are worried about who is going to watch your little ones, B. You offers on-site childcare.

B. You offers classes everyday of the week. For more information on how you can get fit and “B. Fit,” check out or drop by the boutique, 3934 Chenoweth Square, Louisville, or call 502.930.BFIT (2348).

Is B. You Right For You?

Is B. You fitness boutique in St. Matthews right for you? Yes, if you enjoy…

  • Innovative Exercises
  • Great Results – Fast Results
  • Conveniency Of Location And Class Times
  • A Complete, Full Body Workout
  • A Group Fitness Setting
  • The Opportunity To Be Completely, Uniquely You

Photos by GENI BEAN | Pinkowl Photography | | 317 Wallace Ave., Suite 201, Louisville