At the Ready

By Graham Pilotte

It may be true that it only takes twenty minutes to get anywhere in Louisville, but parking once you get there might be more difficult. Luckily, Ready Valet – a local business that’s prepared to take care of any valet and parking needs is – on hand.

“We’re a local valet company, specializing in high-end events, hotels and restaurants,” explains founder Chase Barmore. “We also do private parties and fundraisers. We’re the experts – we can make sure the flow of traffic is very smooth and everyone gets into the event, without waiting or worrying about where to park.”

Barmore started the company after realizing that Louisville had unmet event needs. “I saw a need for this,” he explains. “People need valet, and they have a higher level of expectation. There are a few valet companies around, but it’s not their main form of income, and they don’t have management staff or enough of a regular staff. We’re actually a company, and we’re building staff as well as building a great reputation within the city.

“My team helps the event planners with whatever they want,” Barmore explains. “If you want to shut down a street and have a tent in the middle, we can help with those logistics and make sure guests are coming in and out smoothly. We also do parking lot management. We’re basically a full-service parking company.”

This reputation is something Barmore has built from scratch. “I’m thirty-one years old, and Louisville has given me a chance to be an entrepreneur,” he says. “I was a valet before I started Ready Valet. I’m very service-driven, I loved parking cars and I saw an opportunity, so I started this business with just one client.” Barmore’s entrepreneurial instinct has served him well. “Today we do over three hundred events a year. I founded Ready Valet back in 2008 when the Ryder Cup came into town,” Barmore says. “Next year, we’ll be ten years old.”

Ready Valet has also demonstrated a commitment to ethical responsibility, going above and beyond to keep guests and the larger Louisville community safe. “We’re one of the first lines of defense to combat drunk driving,” Barmore explains seriously. “We train our staff to keep an eye out for intoxicated drivers – that’s one thing people don’t think about, but it does happen. We can get a point of contact to make sure we get a guest home safely, by getting them an Uber or by sending one of our guys home with them.” Ready Valet is part of the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign. Their business ethics are part of what makes the company unique.

In addition, Ready Valet is always prepared to flexibly support your event. “We can think on our feet,” Barmore says. “Sometimes thunderstorms happen and we’ll be very creative. We have backup plans – maybe we want to park in a field, but we’ll have to find a parking lot down the street and use shuttle cars. Sometimes it’s a mile, three miles away.” They make sure that guests are not inconvenienced. “Not everyone at the party knows,” he says with a laugh. “We just handle everything so that they think it’s going great.”

When planning your next event, consider calling Ready Valet for any parking and valet needs. “We’re looking to grow,” Barmore says with a smile. “We’re ready to take care of your car – for whatever you need.” VT

Ready Valet