The Allure of Antiquing

DSC_0007When you think of thrift stores, you likely picture some dusty bins with old hand-me-down clothes and half-broken furniture. Images of flickering fluorescent lighting for the riches of someone’s spring cleaning surely come to mind. If that is your perception, one local store is about to change all of that: The Crazy Daisy Antique Mall.

Despite a harsh stigma existing in the past regarding thrift shops, they are definitely “in” now. Even Grammy-award winning rapper Macklemore has managed to comment on the trend in his catchy appropriately titled single “Thrift Shop.” And why shouldn’t they be cool? Thrift shops offer so much. Offbeat items that simply are not produced anymore, difficult to find collectibles are just waiting to be found for the savvy, patient thrifter, and to top it all off, thrift shops usually sell their wares for unbeatable rates.

DSC_0019_webCrazy Daisy accomplishes all this and more. Opening in 2007, the store capitalized on thrift shop popularity when it was at its zenith and has managed to generate success ever since, even attaining a record-breaking, financial year in 2015. They’ve also maintained a healthy symbiotic business relationship with places like The Comfy Cow and Please & Thank You by helping provide furniture and good word-of-mouth while receiving the same.

Stepping into Crazy Daisy dispels all of those negative preconceived notions of what a thrift shop is almost immediately. It is obvious that the store is well organized and clean, and the selection is unbelievable. Two stories of vintage clothing, quirky furniture, pristine silver and glassware, vinyl music and out-of-print books and comics – all in fantastic shape – are just waiting to be discovered by the right shopper.

DSC_0030Now that thrift shopping has been around as a more acceptable means of shopping for the items in your home for some time, trends have begun to appear like in any other market. Some current notable trends include Asian-inspired furniture, items made out of bourbon barrels or somehow otherwise affiliated with the bourbon industry as well as anything regarding vinyl music or old music equipment. I personally am a collector of Derby glasses, and the signature glass from nearly every year since my birth was proudly on display. I also know several toy collectors, and they would be happy to know that from Barbie to Star Wars, there was a rare piece to be found. Each of these trends were represented and more, so while it may be cliche to say this, Crazy Daisy truly offers something for everyone.

As previously mentioned, it’s abundantly clear that the store put that extra care into curating items and building a pleasant environment. That way, Crazy Daisy is more likely to attract higher paying customers willing to spend top dollar even on secondhand goods. There are plenty of objects that cost a pretty penny, such as a rare ceramic Derby glass from the ’30s.

DSC_0054The traditional thrift store model has clearly had a lot of success over the years, but in certain areas, it could make a lot more sense to build stores that feel a bit more upscale.

Basically, it’s all about knowing your customers and their preferences. If your target audience is happier digging through bins for discount clothing items, then that’s the type of experience you should give them. But if they’d rather have a boutique style environment, it might be worth it to put in that extra effort into building what they want. The Crazy Daisy Antique Mall has found a happy medium, and if they continue running their shop with such care, they’ll be around for years to come. VT

The Crazy Daisy Antique Mall is located at 1430 Mellwood Ave., Louisville, KY, 40206. For more information call 502.560.1335 or visit

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  1. KellyMcCall

    Thanks to Mr. Gierhart for the nice article on The Crazy Daisy Antique Mall. I do however want to point out that we are not a Thrift Store (which connotes donations and drop offs) we are a 20,000 Square Foot Antique, Vintage and Collectibles Mall with over 120 Booths rented to over 80 vendors who curate their own items. We opened in 2007 and have had a wait list for booth rental since 2008. Kelly McCall, Proprietor, The Crazy Daisy Antique Mall