A Sign of Success

Photo by Mariah Kline.

By Mariah Kline  |  Business Profile

Making a good first impression with the proper signage is vital to any business, but it takes a certain level of dedication and experience to bring that signage to life. The creative and committed team at Signarama Louisville East runs a one-stop shop for designing, purchasing and maintaining signage.

The independently owned Signarama Louisville East location opened in 2013. Owner Lloyd Graves has over 15 years of experience in signage and runs the business with his wife Wendy, who acts as the operations manager. Their team includes graphic designers, installation and service crew members and staff for their manufacturing facility. What sets this particular location apart is the fact that they fabricate all of their signs, even large lit ones, in house.

“The in-house manufacturing makes us unique because we’re able to do more for our clients,” says Wendy. “We don’t have to send their orders off to be made somewhere else, which can save them a lot of money.”

The convenience doesn’t stop with their manufacturing services. Signarama Louisville East also has a team that installs and services their signs should bad weather or other issues affect their products. Their website allows users to upload a photo or logo with the necessary specifications, or they can request a quote before placing an order. All orders, no matter how big or small, receive an artwork proof to ensure accuracy.

While a great deal of their work involves commercial and small businesses, they also assist with smaller jobs. Their team can artfully craft event banners, decorative decals for cars, small yard signs and more. The experienced designers at Signarama Louisville East can make a number of signs and products based on a client’s chosen image, but they are also trained to look for any sizing issues that could arise.

Signarama Louisville East has created the signage for a number of large jobs, including 44 Elmcroft Senior Living locations across the country and every Goodwill store in Kentucky. They also have experience with creating custom logos and helping new businesses develop their branding.

“We really love seeing a concept come to life here,” reveals Wendy. “Whether it’s an eye-catching sign that’s bringing business in or something inside that other people are able to enjoy, we get to see the fruits of our labor from beginning to end. There’s nothing like driving around the city and seeing the businesses that you’ve helped year after year.”

The crew at Signarama Louisville East not only feels passionately about their work, but they share a strong bond with one another. Wendy says that she and her husband operate the store less like a franchise and more like a family business where the employees can feel like a tight-knit group. What is most important to the team, however, is consistently satisfying their customers.

“Their brand, their business and their budget are really what matters to us,” emphasizes Wendy. “We follow the client’s theme and ensure the fonts, colors and styles we use are accurate to their brand, and we try to save them as much money as possible so they can grow their business.”  VT

Signarama Louisville East
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