Behind the Cover June 2022

Matt Jamie


By Dana Darley Daily
Photos by Dana Darley Daily


In Kentucky, not many things go together better than bourbon and food. We had a chance to hang out with Matt Jamie of Bourbon Barrel Foods for this month’s cover to play around with their food and drink offerings…literally. Have you ever considered the technique of throwing a glass to make a picturesque bourbon splash? It’s more of a method than I think it looks like. So much so, in fact, that we subbed in soda to get the correct color and viscosity that shows up best for a photo. That begs the question, how many swirls does it take to get the perfect throw? I can’t be sure, but at least a minimum of 50 and maybe just because it’s fun.

Andrea Hutchinson, Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey, Matt Jamie and Emily Kaniasty

The entire team had to get involved when we started to shoot the soybeans. It takes at least two people, as we found, a couple pounds of beans and a few step ladders to perfectly rain down soy for the best shot. Did you know Bourbon Barrel Foods has a line of specialty soy sauce right here in Louisville? So delicious, and we were lucky that Matt and Emily brought so many for us to try.

Alex Hepfinger, Matt Jamie, Emily Kaniasty, Myra Rose and Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey

I love our team, and we love our community. It’s what makes writing behind the cover awesome. Each month is a new story, a new person we all get to know a little bit better and some quality time with some of the best creatives in town. We even had our graphic designer out helping throw soy. So, if you are ever finding yourself curious about what goes into the covers, you can always find a line or two on it here, but you can be sure it’s always a recipe of creativity, mutual respect and a lot of silliness.

Summer is here, and Kentucky is booming. What an amazing time for new growth and the changing of another season. We hope you find all the food and drink your heart and belly could desire in this issue. We are forever grateful to all the fantastic partners we get to call friends, those we just met and the good times we have collaborating with them.

Another month, another chapter. Cheers to the journey!

Craft it well,
Dana Darley Daily