Baubles and Bubbly

Who knew my first two weeks as an intern would include modeling and champagne testing? Not me.

I was really excited to find out that one of my first duties as an intern here at The Voice- Tribune would be to model for Gifthorse. I was prepared to be making coffee for everyone in the office. Lucky me, I was very wrong. Look at the cover of the C section. That’s me! I’m famous! (Kind of)

Although excited, I was pretty nervous about being the subject of photo shoot. I wanted to do a good job and prove myself to be a good intern. Thank God for Butch Sager, owner and designer behind the fashions at Gifthorse. He made that very easy for me. Once I met him and saw all of the beautiful clothes I’d get to wear, I knew it’d be a piece of cake.

It wasn’t that easy. I have no idea how to model. And I had gotten rained/sleeted/snowed on while at school that morning so I was looking a little rough when I got to the shoot. Luckily co-owner and hair stylist Shawn Beirne was there to save the day. He teased my hair into a huge, fashionable mess that I secretly wish I could wear on a day-to-day basis.

Besides showing up with my hair a disaster, the first dress I was supposed to wear for the shoot was way too small. I couldn’t even get it on, talk about embarrassing. I ended up wearing the black handkerchief dress in the picture and I loved it. I was happy to wear it, also, because we had to shoot outside in the snow. It was a lot warmer than the other dress would have been!

The pictures turned out pretty darn good if I must say so myself. Overall, I think I’m pretty lucky. Modeling may not be in my future, but life is good here at The Voice-Tribune. I can’t believe that I get to do such cool things as an intern, and meet cool people like Butch and Shawn. Last week, I got to go with the staff members to The Brown Hotel to taste champagne and try gourmet food.

I think I’ll try to stick around for awhile.


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