Wine, Women & Shoes 2022

Cynthia Fanning and Angie Evans.

A girl’s night out fundraiser to support the Family Scholar House


By Sarah Carter Levitch
Photos by Kathryn Harrington


The Annual Wine, Women & Shoes fundraiser is gearing up to be back in person this year on Friday, March 4. The event is led by Cathe Dykstra and Kellie Johnston Moore from Family Scholar House, and Angie Evans and Cynthia Fanning will co-chair this year. We spoke with Evans and Fanning to learn more about what the event has planned for this year and the mission of the Family Scholar House.

How would you describe Wine, Women & Shoes to someone who’s never been?

Evans: I often describe it as the ultimate ladies’ night. It finds a way to combine the vital mission of Family Scholar House with the most fun party. You get to eat, drink and shop, all while supporting the Family Scholar House.

Fanning: It’s wonderful, philanthropic women who believe in the cause and love each other’s company. 

What is the mission of the Family Scholar House?

Evans: The mission is built around the idea that education is the path out of poverty and to prosperity. Many of the clients and students at Family Scholar House are first-time college graduates and single parents. It’s a program that builds up the parent and the child. One thing that always excites me is to see how proud the children are of their parents because they’ve been with them through the whole journey. They instantly see their lifestyle change because they can get better jobs and move into their own home. For the children, it’s inspiring to watch the journey because it’s embedded in them that they will also go to college. 

Fanning: Part of this event is having participants in the Family Scholar House talk about what they’ve been through and the journey that brought them to the Family Scholar House. One of the things I love about hearing the stories is how determined the women are. Most of the backgrounds of single parents include some kind of disadvantaged childhood life. They come to a point in their life where they have kids and need support. When they find Family Scholar House, they are filled with confidence and a desire to make their children’s lives better than theirs. The mission exudes through the event. 

Angie Evans and Cynthia Fanning.

What are the activities at Wine, Women & Shoes this year?

Fanning: There are a couple of large raffles, one of which is for a GE Cafe Kitchen sponsored by GE appliances. Another big raffle sponsored by Merkley Kendrick Jewelers is a $10,000 shopping spree. There are also fashion shows. This year, we’ll have a live fashion show sponsored by the Mall of St. Matthews and Oxmoor Center. There will be a surprise fashion show sponsored by Churchill Downs too. One of the rooms is set up as a marketplace with multiple vendors selling jewelry, shoes, clothes, derby hats, etc. 

What does it mean for you all to be Co-Chairs of the event?

Evans: I’m excited for us to co-lead this event because I think it showcases a lot. A majority of the families served through Family Scholar House are families of color, so I always want to be a mentor and cheerleader for the families that come through, particularly women of color. Often, we haven’t seen other women in our lives that show us the success you get out of a college degree. Cynthia and I are an excellent example for the professional women in the room and the participants at Scholar House.

For more information, visit winewomenandshoes.com/louisville

Wine, Women & Shoes
6:30 – 9:30 p.m. March 4
The Henry Clay