What’s in My Bag? May 2022

Featuring Casey Ramage, the VP of Marketing & Partnerships at Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby


By Elizabeth Scinta
Photos by Andrea Hutchinson


With the Kentucky Derby being days away, Casey Ramage, the VP of Marketing & Partnerships at Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby, gave us an inside look into what helps her be successful leading up to May 7. “Derby season is such a celebration of the best race on Earth. It’s a celebration of the spectacle of spectacles, and I love that I can carry that around with me not just during the Derby season but also during the summer.”

1. Bag

The Radley London x Kentucky Derby Cording Street Medium Shoulder Bag is my everyday bag during the Derby season. It has great latticework on it when you open its lid. It has two cell phone pockets where I keep my AirPods in one and my phone in the other and a great interior zipped pocket to store lipsticks.

2. Wallet

I love to coordinate and celebrate the Derby every day with my Radley London Racing Large Flapover wallet. It has three Thoroughbreds featured on it, and the color is a fun peach color that makes me happy.

3. Lip Products

I’m big on lip balm, so I have the Grown Alchemist Lip Balm and a Revision YouthFull Lip Replenisher. I also always have five MAC Cosmetics lipsticks with me at all times. I love matte-colored lipsticks because you can mix and match and put the lip gloss on top of it. Blankety is my favorite and the best neutral to ever exist. I also love Syrup, Crème Cup, Patisserie and Velvet Teddy.

4. Hand Lotion

I’m constantly applying hand lotion, so I have a Grown Alchemist Hand Cream. It’s vanilla and orange peel scented, which smells delicious and like a vacation.

5. Technology

I have the original generation AirPods with a yellow smiley face from my kid’s sticker box. This reminds me of how fortunate I am daily.

6. Snacks

I have Trader Joe’s Coffee Lover’s Espresso Beans because it’s Derby time, and you always need caffeine on the go. The HR Director introduced me to them, and now I’m obsessed, so they’re always open in my bag.

7. Kid’s Items

I have a little Ghurka leather pouch filled with crayons because my kids love to color and play tic-tac-toe at restaurants and anywhere we go.

8. On Brand Items

I always have to be safe, so I have a Churchill Downs hand sanitizer bottle with me at all times. I also have a cute little Kentucky Derby Mint Box because I always have to be on-brand! You can find the mints at the Kentucky Derby Museum Store.

9. Sunglasses

I always have a pair of sunglasses from Target in my bag. I have a few pairs and it’s always about which one is within reach and which one holds my hair up as a headband; that’s always a prerequisite.

10. Collapsible Water Bottle

I always bring my Que collapsible water bottle with me because it’s efficient and so cute.

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