What’s in My Bag June 2022

Featuring Owner & Lead Wedding Planner of Christina Burton Events


By Rachel Porter
Photos by Andrea Hutchinson


This year, the U.S. has seen a wedding boom, which will continue throughout this summer. Couples and families are looking forward to reuniting and celebrating their love with a fabulous party. However, many of these weddings could not happen without people like Christina Burton, owner and lead wedding planner of Christina Burton Events. Christina is Louisville-based but has expanded her brand into other cities like Indianapolis and Lexington. “The Louisville market has been amazing, and I love everyone here,” she said. “There are so many weddings happening this year.” With the high demand for weddings this season, it’s vital that Christina is always prepared for the bride and groom. We got to take a sneak peek inside her bag to see what exactly a wedding planner’s essentials are daily.

To start off, what is your go-to bag?

Wedding planners are expected to have an oversized tote, which makes sense, but it can be too much and heavy. I now just have a standard crossbody I love. On event days, I take a different purse. My everyday carry is from Portland Leather, a smaller business based in Portland, Oregon. My wallet and business card holder match.

Safety Wedding Kit

1. Laser Measurer

Any time we walk a venue, we need to take measurements of the space. It’s a quick and easy tool that I use a lot. It goes with me every day, and you can find it at the home improvement store.

2. Gerber Multi-Tool Knife

My husband got me this. There’s a wine opener on it because I’ve had a few trips with friends where we couldn’t open our wine. There’s also a knife and a screwdriver that always comes in handy. The Gerber multi-tool from gerber.com, and I think Quest Outdoors sells them knives too.

3. Scissors and Safety Pins

I often use safety pins and scissors. If someone is looking for me, it’s usually for those two items. I have this one pair of scissors that I have held onto for three years. I think it’s from Lowe’s, so it’s a very heavy-duty pair of scissors. I never lose track of those on wedding days.

4. Liquid IV

I always have Liquid IV packets in every flavor. I carry them around as something a little more aimed toward a wedding day, but I also use them daily.

5. Snacks

When I carry snacks, I eat like a five-year-old and carry around Goldfish packets from Costco or a Power Up trail mix packet.
Other typical items include lighters, tide to-go pens, fashion tape, Tylenol, tissues, feminine products, gorilla glue and business cards pressed locally by Hound Dog Press.

What do you recommend future brides to have on hand?

I don’t want them to carry a lot, so they should focus on personal items. I will not have your shade of lipstick in my emergency kit or have blonde bobby pins or anything specific to that person. I want them to feel like they can go without. Many of my clients will have a small clutch that can go with them all day, but they really don’t need anything else because they have us.

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