What’s In My Bag July 2021

Featuring The VOICE Editor in Chief Liz Bingham


By Liz Bingham
Photos by Andrea Hutchinson


I have to admit, when my team convinced me that it was my turn to be in this feature I was a little nervous sharing the inner workings of my bag with you and also thinking, “How in the world am I going to be able to showcase all of the things I carry around with me daily in one photo?” I’m definitely someone who likes to be prepared for any scenario at all times, so my purse is often packed with all the necessities. To spare you all the intimate details, I chose a few things that are essential to me that I hope you find helpful too that are available to purchase around town and are great for busy, summer days!

Liz Bingham.

1. Goyard bag:
While I realize this is an investment piece and not the most affordable choice, this thing has lasted me day in and day out for years now and still looks brand new! If you can swing it, I highly recommend investing in one. And they come in all sorts of fun colors!
Similar styles are available at Belle Monde Boutique located at 115 Fairfax Ave., Louisville, KY 40207.

2. Corkcicle XL water bottle:
For those who know me know I drink A LOT of water. Funny story about this water bottle though, I bought it not realizing it’s intended to be a chiller for an entire bottle of wine! So I was walking around with what looked like a huge bottle of wine in my purse for weeks without knowing it, but hey, it was the biggest water bottle I could find that keeps it cold!
Corkcicle water bottles and other products are available at Mamili located at 826 E. Main St., Louisville, KY 40206. 

3. Moncler sunglasses:
You know when you see something and can’t stop thinking about it until you go buy it for yourself? That’s what happened with these sunglasses after I used them in our Derby fashion editorial. I went to SKYN Lounge the next day and had to have them! SKYN Lounge carries a whole line of Moncler sunglasses you should go check out!
SKYN Lounge is located at 145 Chenoweth Ln., Louisville, KY 40207.

4. Silk scarf:
Scarves are a great accessory (that aren’t just for old ladies) that take up very little room in your bag. They’re fun to have if you find yourself in a situation where your outfit needs a little something extra, or if you just want to pretend you’re a girl from Paris for the day and tie it around your neck.
Similar styles are available at Stella’s Resale Boutique located at 401 Wallace Ave., St. Matthews, KY 40207 or Sassy Fox Upscale Consignment located at 150 Chenoweth Ln., Louisville, KY 40207.

5. Mario Badescu Facial Spray, Diptyque Hair Perfume and Supergoop! Glow Screen:
I am a sucker for health and beauty products and these three especially with their small, portable packaging. All three make it easy to add an all-around refresh any time needed!
All product lines are available at Circe located at 3642 Brownsboro Rd. #101, Louisville, KY 40207.