WaterStep Wows to Win a 2020 Teddy Award

By Elizabeth Scinta
Photos provided by WaterStep

WaterStep is the winner of a prestigious 2020
Theodore Roosevelt Government Leadership Award in the partnership category. The partnership category recognizes non-government partners and private-sector companies that are helping the government serve the general public. WaterStep was recognized for its patented Water On Wheels (WOW) Cart Disaster Response System and work with the Environmental Protection Agency, according to the press release.

Waterstep is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based out of Louisville. Their mission is to supply anyone they can with accessible clean water and are known for their Shoes for Water campaign. Since its founding in 1955, WaterStep has brought clean water to more than three million people! 

The WOW Cart not only comes with a great name but also has a significant duty in helping supply clean water. The Cart is a portable mini water treatment system that has all the necessary components to help provide thousands of gallons of safe water.

The impressive components of the Cart don’t stop there. Included on the Cart is a charging station for disaster responders and WaterSteps’ patented BleachMaker. The BleachMaker produces disinfectant powerful enough to sanitize medical clinics and fight the Ebola epidemic and COVID-19 pandemic, according to the press release. The WOW Cart was developed by Kurtis Daniels and WaterStep’s volunteer engineers.  

“The WOW Cart was years in the making and earned a Creative Research Design Agreement with EPA, which was awarded partnership of the year in 2018 by Federal Labs. The EPA’s testing and feedback on the effectiveness and applications of this system was invaluable,” says Mark Hogg, founder and CEO of WaterStep. “To be considered part of President Theodore Roosevelt’s legacy is truly an honor.”

The WOW Cart can fight forest fires, aid in disaster relief and help hospitals and nursing homes. It seems there’s nothing the WOW Cart can’t do! The engineers and Daniels made the Cart easily operable for anyone that has a few hours to spare. The WOW Cart was recently deployed to Lake Charles, Louisiana to help those affected by Hurricane Laura’s destruction, according to the press release. 

For more information about WaterStep and the WOW Cart, visit waterstep.org. For more information on the Teddy Awards, visit governmenthalloffame.com.

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