Waterfront Botanical Gardens Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

n Oct. 4, the Waterfront Botanical Gardens celebrated its one-year anniversary with a private virtual concert featuring CMT’s Next Women of Country Artist, Stephanie Quayle, dinner and dessert from Wiltshire Pantry and cocktails from Beam Suntory. Guests were invited to socially distance at the Annual Gala at tables in groups of two or four and enjoyed an evening to get dressed up and celebrate one of Louisville’s botanical treasures.

  • Amie and Clinton Deckard with Vincent Farrante and Elizabeth Chandler.

  • Teri Smith and Pat Ballard.

  • Live performance by Bridge 19.

  • Courtney and Tim Corrigan.

  • Stephen Wesley and Craig Scherman.

  • Carolyn and Mike Mountjoy.

  • Steve Humphrey and Janice Carter Levitch.

  • Charles and Lisa Barr.

  • Duncan Cherry with a lovely floral arrangement.

  • Lisa Barr and Kasey Maier.

  • Marcia and Rex Bickers.

  • Guests enjoy the fall breezes and live music from Bridge 19.

  • Andy and Harriet Mays with Jeff and Cindy Cummins.

  • Duncan Cherry, Misty Cruse, Andrew Hagerty, Daniel Cash and Allison Whitehouse.

  • Peggy Grant and Teri Smith.

  • Allison Whitehouse, Duncan Cherry, Kasey Maier, Elizabeth Chandler and Misty Cruse.

  • Janet and Kurt Graeser.

  • Bridge 19 performing at the Annual Waterfront Botanical Gardens Gala.

  • Kasey Maier welcoming guests.