Kaleighn and David LaBore

Photos by Studio E Photography

Photos by Studio E Photography

By Graham Pilotte

It can be tough to find inspiration for a perfectly unique wedding – but not when you’re surrounded by friends and family who are always willing to support you with help and ideas. For Kaleighn and David LaBore, a wedding was a spirited and unique affair that truly brought in an entire network of family and friends.

Kaleighn and David met in college. “We met at WKU,” Kaleighn explains. “He was playing an intramural football game with some of his friends, and I introduced myself. We’ve been together ever since.”

David proposed five years later. “It was on our five-year anniversary, at the intramural fields where we met,” Kaleighn recalls. “He had signs saying ‘marry me’ behind him, and then when I turned around, there were 40 of our closest friends.” She was overjoyed that he had captured the moment with their close friends and family as witnesses – and, of course, she said yes.nuptials_labore_0713

It took the pair one year and two days to plan their wedding, which took place at the Cathedral of the Assumption in downtown Louisville. The reception was at the Galt House in RIVUE Tower. “We brought in a little bit of an Art Deco feel,” Kaleighn explains. They chose black, white and gold as their colors, incorporating the existing feel of the room.

However, the LaBores kept their celebration unique – for example, using a custom logo. “My best friend is a graphic designer in Louisville,” Kaleighn says. “We had her design a fleur-de-lis with that Art Deco feel so we could bring in the city.”

Not everything was planned together, of course – Kaleighn’s dress was a complete surprise. “It was probably the hardest secret I’ve had to keep from my husband,” says Kaleighn, laughing. She found her dress while traveling to Chicago to visit her brother, who had just completed basic training in the U.S. Navy.

For her bridesmaids, Kaleighn chose black Vera Wang gowns from David’s Bridal in Louisville. “I actually wore one of my bridesmaids’ dresses to a charity event a few weeks ago,” Kaleighn confides with a smile. Lanci Lucas did the ladies’ makeup, and Morgan Smith of Bowling Green and Lauren Schneider of Louisville did their hair. nuptials_labore_0491

The rest of the evening was dedicated to a beautiful five-course dinner and time dancing the night away to The Downtown Band from Nashville. “That was probably my favorite part of the entire wedding; everybody was dancing the whole night,” Kaleighn remembers. She thanks her wedding planner, Debbie Saag from Weekend Wedding Warriors, for having the day go off without a hitch. “She was absolutely 100 percent incredible, the lifesaver of the wedding,” Kaleighn says gratefully. “She’s somebody who is on the same wavelength as me, and she just made it happen.”

One truly unique moment happened at the reception, where the couple made sure to put a television in the room so that David’s family of Auburn fans could catch a big football game for their team. “Auburn ended up beating LSU on a last-second play,” Kaleighn says, recalling an elated crowd.

And some moments were deeply touching. “My maid of honor surprised me with a video from my brother in the Navy,” Kaleighn explains. “Everybody was crying – it was overwhelming, good tears.”

Their wedding went perfectly, and Kaleighn and David couldn’t be happier. And for other brides, Kaleighn offers some advice: “Breathe and don’t get overwhelmed,” she advises. “It’s going to work out how it’s supposed to and it’s going to be amazing.

“Have a mimosa, get your hair and makeup done, and feel like a princess.” VT


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