Vittoria Per Volare

Chef Josh Moore and Jonathan Tarullo.

Volare Italian Ristorante wins four 2020 Bestie Awards


By Elizabeth Scinta
Photos by Dan Dry


Volare Italian Ristorante has been one of my family’s staple restaurants for as long as I can remember, so it was no surprise that they won four Besties in The Voice of Louisville’s 2020 Bestie Awards. Volare took the cake on Best Date Spot, Best Dinner Spot, Best Restaurant to See and Be Seen and Chef Josh Moore won Best Chef. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Executive Chef and Managing Partner Josh Moore and the General Manager and Managing Partner Jonathan Tarullo to learn a little bit more about them and Volare. Moore has been working in Louisville’s restaurant industry for 27 years, floating in and out of different Italian restaurants. “I always wanted to cook from an early age. I would stand on a chair by the stove with my grandmothers and watch them cook and learn,” Moore explained. “My mom said I was so fascinated by cooking that she would sit me down in front of cartoons at the preschool/kindergarten age, and she’d come back and I’d be watching a cooking show. So, I guess I was always fascinated.”

His love and excitement for cooking are seen in the dishes he makes and the effort he puts into the restaurant itself. Moore owns a farm in Taylorsville, KY, where he grows produce and vegetables for Volare; this shows just how unique Volare is. “In our restaurant [we have] first-class service and first-class ingredients. That starts with Chef Josh Moore working on his farm to bring in the best vegetables and the best produce that we could get,” Tarullo said. His dedication to serving nothing but the best is why Chef Josh Moore was named Best Chef in Louisville.


Moore explained that he couldn’t have the success he’s experiencing now if it wasn’t for the help of Tarullo and the rest of the Volare staff. “I tell people all the time we make such a great team. We both have very different roles in the restaurant, but we come together and meet in the middle and everything flows so well together. Both of us have great relationships with guests. It’s more about the working of the restaurant, the level of service; you [should] always feel like you’re welcome and you’re important and you’re part of the Volare family when you come in, and that’s a big thing that Jonathan does great,” Moore said.

Both were thrilled about Volare winning four Bestie Awards and explained to me why they think Volare won Best Date Spot and Best Dinner Spot. For Moore, it’s the variety of options on the menu, the service and Volare’s ambiance. For Tarullo, it’s the guests’ ability to choose a casual or fancier dining experience. “You can have a very formal setting or a very casual setting. So I think what appeals to a guy or girl that would come in here on a date would be the type of situation. They can have cocktails and wine and hors d’oeuvres in the bar area, or they can have a more formal setting and a white tablecloth dinner at a quiet table in the corner [with] intimate candlelight. We offer a few different scenarios and I think that’s what appeals to everyone,” Tarullo explained.

Since the shutdown, Tarullo and Moore were working on creating an online ordering system that became available in early November. Available on their website, guests can order for curbside pickup or delivery right to their home. “We’re really trying to bring the Volare experience to you at home,” Moore said. Unsure what to order? Consider some of Moore’s favorite dishes like the Beef Carpaccio appetizer and the Osso Buco Milanese. You can even add a Manhattan cocktail to complete the meal. Tarullo prefers the Linguini Frutti Di Mare with a glass of Quilt Cabernet Sauvignon.

As 2020 comes to an end, Tarullo wants to continue to help families come together during this difficult time. “Obviously, it’s a different situation this year, but bringing families together and allowing Volare to host and take part in those special memories is what it’s all about.”

Volare Italian Ristorante
2300 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville, KY 40206