The Quietest Two Minutes in Sports

Churchill Downs: May 2, 2020

Derby in the time of coronavirus

By Liz Bingham
Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

It was a Kentucky Derby day like no other on May 2, 2020 when The Voice-Tribune photographer, Andrea Hutchinson, visited an empty Churchill Downs on what would’ve been the bustling, fan-filled Kentucky Derby 146. 

Not since World War II has Churchill Downs been empty on the first Saturday in May. It was a day we will all remember that will hopefully make us truly appreciate the beauty, excitement and joy that the first Saturday in May holds for us here in Louisville, KY at Churchill Downs Racetrack. 

We look forward to the rescheduled Kentucky Derby day on September 5, 2020 and hope we can all join together at that time to celebrate this treasured tradition. We can just hear it now, those three simple words that lead to the most exciting two minutes in sports, “And they’re off!” Until then, we can still enjoy the memories of Derbys past and look forward to many more Kentucky Derbys to come.