Take Five To Save a Life

So it’s now three weeks into the new year. Did you start a resolution to improve your life?

Maybe you gave up smoking or joined a health club. Perhaps you resolved to eat out less or spend more time reading and less time in front of the TV. Those are all great resolutions, but I have one I promise will make you feel better than all of those and it’s much easier: Resolve to save a life. Sound daunting? It’s not.
No matter how little time, space or experience you have, you can help put an end to homeless pets in your community.

I know what you’re saying: You don’t have room to take in more dogs or cats. Or you don’t have any experience working with animals. The truth is you don’t have to have any of that, and in many cases, five minutes of your time could make a huge impact. The folks at Best Friends Animal Society, a national rescue organization based in Utah, offer up some great ideas to make a huge impact with just a little time. I’m sharing a few of my favorites.

Make your voice heard

Log on and join Voices for No More Homeless Pets. It takes two minutes, literally. After you sign up, you’ll get e-mail alerts when there are issues or ordinances being considered in your area. You will also receive a form e-mail you can personalize to your local lawmakers making your voice heard. Sign up at YourVoice.Bestfriends.com

Search or Shop Online

Sign up at sites like GoodSearch.com or AdoptAShelter.com, which donate their revenue from your clicks to the rescue group of your choice. It doesn’t cost you a penny, and it’s something you already do anyway.

Use Facebook

Love to spend time on Facebook? Well, put a few minutes of that time to good use. Simply LIKE the Facebook page for one or more of the local rescue organizations, such as The Kentucky Humane Society, Animal Care Society or No Kill Louisville. Those are just three of many. After you sign up, simply “share” or “like” their content on your page and you will help spread the word. If you’re really feeling energetic, ask to volunteer to help them update their pages. Fresh content means their posts for help and support will show up on more news feeds.

Clean your closets

Of course, this idea could help you accomplish two resolutions! Your local shelter probably needs a lot of things you’d never think of, but some of them are probably sitting unused in your closet. Items like towels and blankets and leashes or old crates your dogs don’t use anymore might be very helpful to a shelter trying to preserve its budget. If you want specific ideas, call one of the shelters to find out what they need and then start your spring cleaning a couple months early.  Also, you can take some of the clothes you don’t wear anymore to a consignment shop and donate the proceeds to a shelter or rescue group.

Adopt – Don’t Shop

This is by far the easiest idea. When and if it comes time to add a new furry member to your family, please adopt. I assure you, there is no better feeling than saving an animal’s life, and you will get back far more than you will give.

I told you the ideas were easy, and most of them take no more than five minutes of your time. And imagine this:  if each Voice-Tribune reader would donate five minutes of time, once a month we’d add hundreds of hours of volunteer effort to eliminating homeless pets. Just think what we could accomplish.

David Loignon is the owner of Home Buddies Premier In-home Pet Care. Contact him at louisvilleeast@myhomebuddies.com or www.myhomebuddies.com/louisvilleeast.