Manly Music with Max Maxwell

Max Maxwell. Photo By TIM VALENTINO | Contributing Photographer.

What makes music “manly”? Is it a deep bass line? A heavy, complicated guitar rift competing with lyrics screamed over the noise? Rock stars strutting their stuff in tight leather pants and crazy bedhead hair, à la Jim Morrison? Or is it something else entirely?

We asked Max Maxwell, one of the owners of Mom’s Music who has been a huge part of the Louisville music scene for more than thirty-five years, to give us his take. –Sara Nelle Murphy, Contributing Writer

What is the manliest musical instrument?
Well I’m a drummer, so I believe the drums are the most manliest instrument. You have to be in good shape, you have to be strong and agile. You can’t be lazy and funky.

What is a rockstar in 2012?
I read a lot on the music blogs. Deejays seem to be the rockstars these days. They’re becoming so popular because they’re able to draw bigger crowds than rock bands. The younger generation really enjoys it because they can connect with these guys. Although these guys like Bassnectar (who just played at Forecastle) are very talented, it’s not that far out of reach to be a deejay. Technology makes it so much more accessible to make electronic music and to share it, so it’s growing more and more popular day by day.

Max’s Manly Music Mix

“Back In Black” by AC/DC
“Classic. Number one.”

“Screamin’ For Vengeance” by Judas Priest
“A very manly band.”

“Let’s Stay Together by Marvin Gaye
“It’s a slow song, a sweet song. But it shows that  there’s different ways of looking at what the definition of ‘manly’ is. In this case, he’s a man because he’s taking care of his lady. He’s a gentleman.”

“The Devil Went Down To Georgia” by the Charlie Daniels Band
“I mean the guy is fighting the devil – enough said.”

She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy by Kenny Chesney
“Boys and their toys.”