Man Up: The Smooth Solution To Hairy Problems

The Voice-Tribune’s Photographer Chris Humphreys Received A Heated Eyebrow Waxing.

When it comes to plucking, trimming and waxing, many men may feel a little out of their element. Fear – of embarrassment, pain, looking over-groomed or just the unfamiliar – can be a strong motivator for a guy to just sit back and let hair grow unchecked. But chances are, there’s some part of your body that you’d like to see a little less overgrown. If your at-home efforts just aren’t producing the results you want, it’s probably time to consult a professional. The Voice-Tribune’s Chris Humphreys agreed to pave the way for hesitant men everywhere and find out firsthand what it’s like to be waxed and groomed by the experts.

I accompanied him to Clique Waxing Boutique on Frankfort Avenue, where we met owner, Janna Flowers, for a demonstration of a few of the services their licensed estheticians offer for men. If Chris had any nervousness stepping into the boutique, the warm greeting and Flowers’ professional manner as she escorted him into a private room quickly dispelled it. “About 15 percent of our clients are men,” Flowers explained. “They come to us for their eyebrows, nose and ears …In the summer we also (offer) chest and back waxing.” Leg, arm and hand waxing is available for male clients as well.


First up for Chris were his eyebrows, which Flowers approached with a heated wax, carefully applied just around the edges and between his brows. The wax solidified after just a few moments, and outlying hairs were removed in a few brief swipes. To soothe the sting, which Chris reported as “not that bad,” a salve was smoothed over the area. Flowers then brought out a thin, cotton thread to demonstrate a second hair-removal technique from India called threading, in which the thread is quickly maneuvered around individual hairs to pull them out. Of the two methods, Chris preferred the feel of the threading. “It pulled a bit more but didn’t hurt nearly as much in the long run,”
he observed. Flowers noted that they generally use the brows’ natural shape as their guide for men, rather than adding an arch, as with women.

Chris also opted to have hair removed from his nose, an area which he normally uses a trimmer to cut. Flowers made a small wax plug for each nostril, waiting several seconds before pulling it out. Although he reported the nose waxing to feel a little more painful than his brows, Chris was surprised by the amount of hair removed, and by the sensation of air moving more freely as he breathed.

The cost for both nose and brows was just $20 for brow waxing or $26 for threading, and $5 for the inner nose. Chris was in and out in under 30 minutes, with results that would last much longer than trimming or shaving. “Most clients come in every four to six weeks (for upkeep),” Flowers told us. And although Clique does not offer “manscaping,” she was happy to share some grooming tips for guys to use at home.

Janna Flowers, Owner Of Clique Waxing Boutique.

“They have little clippers. You can get them at Walgreens or CVS,” she shared, recommending that guys keep the bikini-line area “trimmed and cleaned up, nice and neat.” She also confirmed that a natural look should be the goal, advising against waxing or shaving the area. “It can look strange. It looks like you have no hair, and then hair on your thighs, (which) kind of looks like you’re wearing a not-hair pair of underwear.”

Despite his initial trepidation, Chris admitted that he was pleasantly surprised, especially with the clean look of his eyebrows, after his short session at Clique. “It was much easier than I thought it would be. Next time my eyebrows are trying to rendezvous between my eyes I’ll be getting them professionally done instead of taking the tweezers to them myself.” As far as the nose hair goes, he remained a fan of his original method: “I’ll stick to the trimmer for that.”

You can visit Clique Waxing Boutique at 2846 Frankfort Ave., call 502.895.3993 to schedule an appointment or visit their website,, for a full list of services and pricing.

Photos By LIAM SPRADLIN | Contributing Photographer