In His Own Words: Sam Swope On Why Real Men Give Back

Sam Swope. Courtesy Photo.

There’s nothing more appealing than a man who shares his heart with the world, which is why Sam Swope is one of our favorite philanthropic fellas. 

For years, Mr. Swope has contributed to our community in various ways, including service on the Boards of Louisville Water Company, University of Louisville, University of Louisville Hospital, Lincoln Heritage Council of Boy Scouts of America, Kosair Charities, Kosair Children’s Hospital, Norton Hospital, and more. 

Despite his December 2011 retirement, Mr. Swope is still very active in the community and can often be found be found putting one of the latest models to the test or riding the back roads on a motorcycle.

We recently caught up to him – which was no easy feat, considering he seems to be in perpetual motion – and talked about why he continues to give back. 

“You can’t take it with you so I’m not going to. What you make for yourself dies with you and what you give to others lives forever. I think that’s Winston Churchill. It’s not Sam Swope. I’ve been blessed beyond anything I’ve expected or deserved in the form of this world’s goods. I can’t spend it all and I’m glad to give.

“I’m glad I’m blessed enough to be in a position where I can do it. It’s beyond anything I expected or deserved. I’m still enjoying life every day. I’m trying to stay a while longer because I like it here.”

Sam Swope is founder of the Sam Swope Auto Group, which opened its doors in 1952. Mr. Swope retired December 31, 2011, but continues as founder and a member of the Board of Directors. 

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