Chip Cosby: The Guy’s Guide To Sports

Chip Cosby. Photo By CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune

It’s a torrid affair most men can’t seem to shake – their relationship with sports, both as player and fan.

Sure, women love the pastime, too, but males are known to bond best over athletic activity, whether quaffing beer at a ballpark or tossing the pigskin at a tailgate.

Chip Cosby, sportscaster at cn|2 Sports and former reporter for the Lexington Herald, is an expert on man’s undying love for the game. The Voice-Tribune asked Chip to weigh in on the world of sports and its “manliest” features, from the food to the venue and Muhammad Ali.

What do you consider the manliest sport?
You know, everybody’s first answer would be football, but … I’ve talked to a few rugby players over the years, and to me that (sport has) the total package. You’ve got to be in tip-top condition and be tough.

Who is the manliest sports star, either today or from the past?
I’m biased because he’s my hero: Muhammad Ali. … As a pure athlete, he was phenomenal and transcended the sport. Anyone that can have that impact on society is a man’s man.

Who has the manliest sports fans?
I always think of Chicago. Maybe it’s because of those old Chris Farley skits on Saturday Night Live, where (the Bears fans are) sitting around drinking beer. Chicago’s got the Blackhawks, a great hockey (team), great football (team), and those are two of the manliest sports.

What is the manliest game-time food?
If you can eat one of those polish sausages with onions, cheese, mustard and all that, and get up and still feel like a champ, that’s a man.

Best sports arena to visit with your bro’s?
I went to the Big East tournament and even though they renovated the building a little, Madison Square Garden.

Who’s the one man in sportscasting you look up to?
Greg Gumbel is somebody I (admire). He’s good at what he does. He just seems like a constant professional. He doesn’t try to draw attention to himself or make it about him. … You just enjoy watching him.