The Kentucky Derby Museum Legends Series

Terry Bradshaw.

A great way to meet and learn from leaders in the bourbon industry


By Anna Byerley
Photos courtesy of Bradshaw Bourbon


For the last eight years, the Kentucky Derby Museum has been hosting its Legend Series, where they showcase a variety of bourbons and high-profile bourbon experts.

As they gear up for their next Legend Series taking place on July 22, the special guest will be Terry Bradshaw, a successful NFL quarterback, four-time Super Bowl champion, and Professional Football Hall of Famer, who also just debuted Bradshaw Bourbon in January 2020. We spoke to the Kentucky Derby Museum’s Communications and Special Projects Coordinator, Kaitlynn West, to find out more about the museum’s Legends Series.

Terry Bradshaw.

“The legends series is a bourbon-centric event where we bring in leaders from the bourbon industry, the distillers or folks that have a family legacy with bourbon, or people like Terry Bradshaw who are really just bourbon enthusiasts who have decided to come out with their own line,” said West. “We want to feature them and host events here at the museum to highlight the work that they’re doing in the bourbon industry.”

During their event on July 22 with Terry Bradshaw, guests will enjoy a variety of Bradshaw Bourbon cocktails throughout a three-course meal. VIP tickets also include a meet and greet and a signed bottle of Bradshaw Bourbon. 

 “In addition to the dinner guests who will receive the cocktail pairings, guests will also have the opportunity to try the bourbon and we will have it for sale for them to purchase,” West explained. 

Bourbon Curator, Tasting Expert and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author, Fred Minnick, is the host of the Kentucky Derby Museum’s Legends Series. 

Fred Minnick.

“We’ve partnered with Fred for a long time now and he has been the host of the Legends Series being the bourbon expert that he is,” said West. “He’s such an authority on bourbon and we want to have the best host out there to ask the right questions about the bourbon and the special guests that we feature.”

All proceeds go directly to supporting the Kentucky Derby Museum and its mission to engage, educate and excite everyone about the extraordinary experience that is the Kentucky Derby.

For those wanting to attend future Legends Series events, you can reach out to them to be added to their Kentucky Derby Museum email list to hear about all of their events and promotions before the general public.

“We are hoping to do more of these events, so for those who wanted to attend and weren’t able to this time, stay tuned!” said West. “We’re super excited to hopefully partner again with Terry Bradshaw, potentially on a different bourbon that they have coming out. We’re hoping to continue this partnership with him and, of course, other folks in the bourbon industry to have more of these events later in the fall or even the spring.”

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