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Angelia Inscoe.

How The A Method and Shalia Botanicals are redefining the skincare industry


By Elizabeth Scinta


Angelia Inscoe has created two skincare companies, The A Method and Shalia Botanicals, to help women become their most confident selves. Inscoe has been working in the skincare business for 35 years, but she hasn’t always focused on the medical side of skincare. “I got into working with skin and facial hair removal. I was an electrologist originally and then it evolved to getting an aesthetic license and then went into the medical realm,” said Inscoe.

Inscoe is the founder of Induction Therapies, the maker of the Collagen P.I.N. and Induction Therapies Professional Skincare Products. She also owns Color Logix, CBD Neutralixis, The A Method and Shalia Botanicals. Through her work with the Collagen P.I.N., she met Dr. Tina Alster, a world-renowned Dermatologist and Laser Surgeon. Dr. Alster and Inscoe worked together to create The A Method, a dermatological skincare brand that is paraben, colorants, gluten and vegan-free. “We work with minimal ingredients to achieve the desired formula. She [Dr. Alster] comes at it from a gentle approach; a lot of other dermatological brands are very harsh on your skin. She uses high-level active ingredients, but in a gentle method so your skin doesn’t get irritated. That’s why it’s referred to as The A Method because it’s her method,” said Inscoe.

The A Method

The A Method is developed by a dermatologist which makes it unique to many other brands out there, according to Inscoe. The A Method offers products for the everyday person, but they also offer products specifically for physicians only. Some of these products include the Collagen P.I.N. Microneedling Pen, Tattoo Eraser and other medical-grade skincare products. The A method is currently sold at dermatology offices and on Amazon. Inscoe hopes that The A Method will be sold in beauty stores in the coming months. Inscoe’s favorite product is the TCA Retexturizing Cream.

Shalia Botanicals

Inscoe’s other brand, Shalia Botanicals, takes a different approach to skincare. Shalia Botanicals is a CBD based brand that offers skincare and wellness products. “CBD is still in its infancy. It’s very anti-inflammatory and has a lot of nutrients. I’m working with it because I want to be ahead of the curve on producing products with it,” said Inscoe.

Shalia Botanicals is a spiritual company all about making a woman feel strong and confident, according to Inscoe. “Every product is named an affirmation. The moisturizer is named ‘Elegant’ so you say ‘I am elegant’ when putting it on,” said Inscoe. Shalia Botanical products are dermatologically tested and are non-comedogenic, vegan, paraben, fragrance and gluten-free, according to their website. All of the boxes are sealed with a heart, so they’re “sealed with love,” according to Inscoe. “There’s not enough love in the world and we women are so hard on ourselves no matter what we do, what size we are or how we look. The most beautiful woman in the world still feels negatively about herself. I want them to feel elegant, I want them to feel blissful. So, by having these products, this energy is now in their everyday lives,” said Inscoe.

On the Shalia Botanicals website, you can “Join the Tribe” to receive access to a monthly newsletter and a discount code that can be sent to friends and family so everyone can benefit from the love and positivity of Shalia Botanicals.

Both the A Method and Shalia Botanicals are manufactured by the same company in Louisville, Kentucky, and sold nationwide and internationally. To learn more about The A Method and Shalia Botanicals, visit their websites shaliabotanicals.com and theamethod.com.